The Flossy Flossy Interiors

I’ve really been enjoying looking into celebrities houses:

But of course not modern celebrities… enjoy all the retro appeal.

I could see Christine living in a house like Joan Crawford’s… except no wire hangers. I really like that her seating looks like a beautiful caterpillar, and the lamp in the background with an angel pedestal is so awesome. Christine please make your living room like this one day:

There is something magical and patriotic about Agatha Christie’s reading room. But I would never ever want it in any house, or anywhere for that matter.

Have you ever wanted to see the nastiest holy cavalcade?  Well, here’s Sophia Loren’s bedroom:

If I could give this room as a present I’d give it to Jimmy.

To Carry on in the theme of gaudy Here’s Jayne Mansfield’s house:

This is her home office….. please don’t ever make me design this future clients:

And this is her fireplace (which is kinda cute):

And to add my favorites actress in here I give you Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles’ house. As you can see they have a boat in their backyard and well this happens:

That’s it for now.


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