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Literary Cats

6 Jun

Sometimes I have dreams. Sometimes those dreams are scary bird men. Sometimes they are about surprise meatloaf.

I realize my thoughts are more than a little in the clouds. (And I must say I hope my thoughts are in the clouds Keanu Reeves walks in, he’s dreamy.)

Today my thoughts are not any different. I had this thought about my cats being like the Grimm Brothers of the cat world. They write moralistic stories about cats and the world they live in… which is my house.

You may not know this but they also wrote the story of “The Little Mercat” but Hans Kitty Anderson is always trying to make claim on it.

I’m going to go celebrate my Mom’s birthday now.


Robert Downey Jr. even loved by cats

5 Jan

Robert Downey Jr. is adored by nations, ladies everywhere,  and my cat.

Elliott could not get enough of my manly bag of popcorn. Elliott usually wants nothing to do with popcorn.

But with the addition of RDJ he was all over it…

So I have deduced that my cat is all about Robert Downey Jr.


Drawing Challenge Day #17

18 Feb

I have been such a mess as of late that I haven’t had the chance to post my drawing postie from yesterday.

So… the prompt was to draw a fairy tale character.

And i was sitting with a blanket on watching dvr’d Agnet Carter episodes from this week and I was like hmm what should I draw.

And then Elliott jumped on me, and I was like… I got this!

And so I drew possibly the worst fairy of all time:

Imagine if cats granted magical wishes…? I think the whole world would be cat crunches and string


Drawing Challenge Day #4

4 Feb

Okay today’s’ drawing goal really threw me… because I didn’t know what it was

Veronica told me to draw a “mandala”

And much to my surprise it was not a portrait of Nelson Mandela.

It’s like a circular religious symbol. Which is not really in my ballpark of things I draw. It is also luckily for me adopted to be more of a geometric illustration that I can make without insulting peoples religions.

And although I am delightfully offensive, I keep religion and politics far from my scope of things I will make drawings about.

BUT- I do know how to draw Elliott.

And so I present the first and only cat-centric mandala on the internet*

At least it’s the only cat-centric mandala approved by Elliott.


*i do not know if that statement is true, but it probably isn’t.. I mean the internet really likes cats

Return of the Astrology Kitties

10 Apr

Okay I know I’ve been the worst updating but I’ve been doing artsy things… I promise!

Veronica and I joined forces to make this little number for Threadless:

Please Vote for the kitties!

And we’re super proud of  it. It  would mean ever so much to Vero & me if you could help me out and vote for this!

Take a minute… click on the image or this link here and give us a vote!

♥Lauren & Veronica

What am I doing?

2 Apr

The answer is drawing cats and constellations. I am currently working on a project with a lovely friend who is a wonderful artist herself.

Soon I will have a whole picture to this until then enjoy this rough draft I sent her to make her laugh:

Meow astrology cats to come!


Utility clothes

13 Jan

Today I want to share with you my most versatile present given to me this Christmas.

The pajamas my mother bought me.

You may say… Have you given up on life? How are pajamas the most versatile thing given to a girl who seldom wears pants and is usually coated in jewelry?

Well… Let me tell you. They are roughly 3 sizes larger than  I usually wear. And I can comfortably fit 2 cats in them with me…

So basically now I have clothes that I can fit roughly 20 lbs of additional animal, and at least 1 cooler loaded to the brim with Dr. Pepper and protein bars.

While running around the house stuffing assorted pillows, animals, and pottery in there with me I realized they could provide me with a new type of lifestyle:

And we could all live in there in peace and harmony!

I can now camp across America in a very delightful way… the only thing is I need pajamas that are meant to fit on just a person too.

And don’t for one second think that I didn’t want to call friends and make a blanket fort town with this as it’s foundation.

Troy and Abed of Community in possibly the one size larger pajama set. Image coutesy of Community Wiki.


The Fire Escape

3 Oct

I got this amazing book this week.

It gives me fabulous prompts of things to draw. I really got it for hopes that it will make me a better artist… making me draw things I would never think of drawing.

One of the prompts was a fire escape:

It’s a sweet escape.

I got so excited about drawing such a simple thing that it made me realize that sometimes the suburbs are kind of boring to me.

I miss seeing things like fire escapes on buildings.

Windows high up in the air with flowers.

Cats looking down at you.

Street hot dogs.

Happy Thursday every one… I’m going to get a hand cramp from all my doodling :)


The Circus

6 Aug

Hi Everyone,

It’s Tuesday. My project is late, and of course the printer isn’t working.

There is are only 2 things I can do

1. Play Musical Printers and Try to get this drawing printed for my boss in the next 20 minutes.

2. Join the Circus

The silliest answer is the one I would most happily choose. Then people could discuss it when I don’t show up tomorrow. I can just imagine it….

Shocked Coworker #1: “Where is Lauren?”
Shocked Coworker #2: “She isn’t in? Did you wait longer for her to show up… she’s always late.”
Observant Coworker: “She left all her drawings, and the metal scale next to a strawberry stained note saying she’s left for the circus”
A hush spreads over the room.
Shocked Coworker #1: “She left food in the fridge. It’s mine.”

And then much like the conclusion to the tv series LOST, I will never be discussed again in the valleys of San Gabriel.

I will leave behind a hummingbird feeder, and assorted doodles of cats. I will take everything else… For my chic new gypsy wagon.

I would miss my big girl bed, and of course wi-fi. But I can always loiter at some circus adjacent starbucks after I master my new circus-y skill.

What would that skill be??? Well, I don’t really know. I don’t think I would trust me as a tightrope walker, or a juggler of swords. I could probably sit on an elephant like a champion. I am good at waving and climbing… so Elephant sitter on-er it is!

Let’s go with that thought… Lauren the Elephant Sitter. I would sell literally dozens of tickets.

Maybe I should stay with Architecture a little while longer.

Circus dreams

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope your printers are working with gusto.


I am not an expert tomato handler

4 Aug

There are many things I think we should be able to put on resumes. Or cirriculum vitae’s or whatever they are called.
I would put brilliant conversationalist, an avid Hall & Oates fan. A capable artist of  cats. And perhaps even, a great player of suduko.

But I could never in good faith put great balancer of things. Today the victim was a little tomato.

R.I.P. unused and disfigured tomato. May you be made into heavenly ketchup.

I hope that everyone has had a super delicious Sunday.


I got carried away…

25 Mar

I find myself prone to flights of fancy more than others. I don’t know if it’s a problem, but it happens every once in a while.

You look at me, and you realize I’m currently not totally there.

We were just having a striking conversation and I was just talking about Sandy’s shoes from ‘Grease’. Or how adorable Paul Rudd is and then… BANG it happens. I’m gone. Where am I???  I’m not exactly sure, but it is the place that all the doodles I draw live at. It’s a really great place, I actually highly suggest everyone should go there. But since you probably cannot I’m going to kind of give you a quick tour.

So picture it, I’m sitting right next to you… Someone interrupts and starts talking about tree triming…

And then I get really quiet… You look at me, and I don’t respond. Where in the world is my brain? My mind has made a daring escape to avoid all the boring you are now listening to. I may even be at the circus eating kettle corn and staring at the sparkly outfits of the trapeze artists. Just wishing I was flying through the air with the greatest of ease:

*smile, blink… continue to stare into space*

Then it shoots into space lands smack! I’m on the moon. I’m looking at the stars from here and boy do they look different. Is that a Jack in the Box all the way down there on earth? ***Checks breifly back into reality***

Are you engaging in this conversation about tree trimming? I have now reached a new level of not paying attention… is there any chicken on the moon?:


And basically if you are still in that conversation I’m ignoring…. let’s chart a submarine and splash into the briny deep. Yep there are fishes down here? I wonder if I could make a space helmet for a merchicken?

*Stares to the left of you*

I’m going to say my lack of attention for really boring things is not my fault… well maybe it is. I just have so many thoughts they all just jumble around until…

*fiddles with paper*

Oh my cats are just so fluffy. But we must return from my brain trip before I am committed. How long have I been gone? Oh, how did we get on the subject of politics? Wait, what? You are going to have to backtrack a little bit for me…

I’m so sorry I just got carried away with my brain thoughts

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd that is what happens to my brain at least once a day.


2013 is going to be Awesome

2 Jan

So I’m back at work.

I’m sorta reeling from the sad knowledge that I have to sit for 8 hours a day again, and for my inability to wear yoga clothes to work… as I spent several days in the last week sporting some of the most bad-ass pajamas you can imagine. Penguins with popcorn, cats with little hats, neon green and gray yoga pants that would make David Lee Roth a little jealous. I’m all class in the jammy jamz department! I’m also realizing that I will not have any time out of my work confines until I vacation at the end of the year.


That sounds so far away now.

Anyways… back to me in my cubicle. Everyone is talking about stuff as people in offices do. Apparently we’re moving locations in March. And actually, I’m getting a window… Imagine that, a window for little Ole’ Me! Back to the windowless rectangle I work in… some professional is doing something, and of course there is always someone trying to gossip. Is it sad that I’m used to this as my existence?

Well I’m just going to get past all of this, this year. And I will get through it with wit, smiles and far far less tears than last year. This is not the first time I will admit to get through my days I rely extensively on my imagination, and I promise myself this year that when things get ugly around me I’m going to take to my imagination and make something good instead of getting upset. And the silver lining in all of this is when I imagine things maybe I can make somebody have a giggle or two at my doodles. With that I present today’s doodles:

Cubicle thought time with Lauren is brought to you by Lauren’s crazy brain!

And then maybe someone else will ponder the current actions of Stevie Nicks. Which will start a whirlwind Stevie Nicks revolution and then people will be dressing like her… the mall will be covered in sparkly black shrouds, and then everyone will hate and simultaneously love Lindsey Buckingham, and we will all have sweet sweet necklaces:

I have been thinking about Stevie Nick’s a lot lately. Anyone else want to see Fleetwood Mac this summer? Anyone else really love the song “Rhiannon” or “Go Your Own Way?” They are personal favorites.

And then maybe someone will be driving and will smile at a stranger (and totally make their day) because their mind is being regaled by the thought of a sheep in Alpaca wooly sweaters:

This sheep is so handsome… He’s practically the George Clooney of the sheep community.

And everyone who reads this blog, thank you. I hope your new year is incredibly wonderful… and full of great and unusual thoughts and experiences. If you have some you need to share. Just drop them here. I am a recycling center for weird things.

Also all this weird I just recorded here reminds me of a truly fabulous quote:

Image Courtesy of: If you wish it- Tumblr And Lewis “Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” Carroll


The Cat Olympics

18 Jul

I think sometimes my cats are trying to get to the Olympics, and as cat owners know there are very few categories cats can participate in. The few tests of endurance made for felines are obviously: sleeping, eating, barfing grass, and pooping.

While Elliott has the silver medal in sleeping on my bed… I’m more concerned about the dreams of my little gray cat Rocket…

Here we are while he’s working on his digestion

Rocket goes to the bathroom with the sheer power of Thor. I’m really concerned how if I feed the pets the same amount of food how he can make so much poo. He is like the Carl Lewis of pooping animals. Sometimes I swear he goes to buffets while I’m at work all day… just to make sure that litter box is full by the time I get home…

So I drew a doodle about it, and because I’m more than a little weird I keyed it into the sweet 1985 musical hit by Eddie Murphy:

He potty’s all the time!


The Snail Mail of Joy!

29 May

A few moons ago I made a fun and funky fresh doodle of Jen from one of the best blogs ever Sips of Jen and Tonic, because she had inspired a new dream for me. Apparently when Jen saw her doodle it filled her days with joy and raptors:

The doodle actually changed her life in a “Amelie” like way. And through a series of events dispensing her own variety of justice, and dancing through the lush forests of Oregon with a gnome she lovingly calls Giuseppe. Jen decided to spread her new found doodle related joy by sending a little bit of her Tonic splendor down to this very Lauren, in the South of California.

So this little letter filled with ultimate happiness slid all the way down El Camino Real, and and landed at the right foot of my mailman. So excited that he wasn’t just delivering magazines and petsmart coupons, my mailman was on a divine quest to send a rare actual piece of mail. After standing tall with the letter in his hand he exclaimed to the sky, “Lauren needs this immediately” and waited until I got home to hand me this little friend:

And I was so excited, because that envelope was full of presents… and Lauren’s ♥ Presents!:

I felt like a child on the morning of Christmas, except this was an UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS! So I decided to (jon) hamm it up with my new prize:

And to following my childish joy I decided to make like a teen show starring Ben Savage, and Introduce “Jen to the World”. So I showed her off to the fake Chicago in my room:

And then I tried to introduce her to my Norton the cat, but… He was very busy doing cat things:

You know how cats are. So I send you a doodle thanks for totally making my day:

And yes friendship to me means matching sailor outfits…

♥ & lollipops,

Let’s get illy

23 May


Today I have been at home. Ill as hell… I think my body has turned against me.
So, I have spent my day studying for the ARE, messaging Jimmy and my sister… and tormenting my cats.
See Rocket as a fancy paper lion.
I’m going to go eat some crackers.

Isabel’s Birthday 2011

29 Mar

Today on the 26th anniversary of Isabel. I bring to you these 26 fun Isabel facts:

1. She is not a leprechaun.
2. She likes science.
3. She is most likely going to go to Clay’s Place for her birthday. Giggle Giggle.
4. The only t-shirts she owns are Weezer Shirts
5. She locks cats out of her room… when they are lonely.
6. She no longer murders in the name of science (Bonus)
7. She really likes Science!
8. She likes to watch Disney movies, that have questionable morals.
9. She has curly hair!
10. Has never entered a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest… Mostly because she does not look like Jennifer Lopez
11. She also doesn’t look like George Lopez.
12. Has never been to Spain, although she believes I was there for like half a year.
13. She has dreamt of being the proud owner of a monster truck station wagon since her early teens.
14. She would never steal a seal… no matter how nicely you ask.
15. She really likes to listen to 90’s pop on Pandora… they play Hanson!
16. Has coupons to the zoo… she can get a discount on ICE CREAM!
17. Is the muse for many songwriters… but mostly for American Idol alumni’s, Yes you Lee Dewyze.
18. She is deathly afraid of “sticky residue”. Right now she just read “sticky residue” and shuddered…
19. She can tell you the precise location of the “fishin” rock
20. She doesn’t watch 30 Rock… but I forgive her.
21. She is going to start using words like “trolley” and “brilliant” due to British peer pressure.
22. She knows what kurflurgees are and she knows how to use them.
23. She is the only person who has ever completed the Oregon trail everyday… on the way to school (She lost so many oxen…)
24. She was once momentarily blinded by science. It was like poetry in motion.
25. Has been pasty way before Vampires became trendy!
26. She is probably thinking about Rivers Cuomo right now… see, I am right.

Happy Birthday Isabel


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Now in 2d

8 Dec

The Isabel Stare-a-thon has become the newest sensation for the 2-D.
This doodle Lauren really can barely handle it.

2 dimensions of awesome, now with Isabel.

I can’t even explain to you how Mickey Mouse or Baloo feels about it…. Because they are holding on to their f*ing hats.

look at how bloody excited he is!


Australian Dreams

16 Feb

I had this dream last night that I went on vacation to Australia. To my surprise they had no food in Australia, only Granola bars. I asked them where they had food like ‘”Outback Steakhouse” Open at nine’? And he told me those pretty onion flowers and dreams of koalas is how they get Americans to travel all the way to Australia.
Also no one had accents, they were faked too.
I was depressed and dismayed. Also I discovered in my dream that Koalas were in fact cats dress like weird little bears.
Upon this realization I decided to leave and go to New Zealand. And then some rude Australian told me it was fake too; apparently it was created by Peter Jackson for movies.
Dude, my dreams are weird.


Learning with Jimmy: Chicken

17 Sep

Today’s learning with Jimmy introduces you to Chicken, the wonder bird.

Chickens are wonderful for many reasons, count them with Jimmy!

1. They Make Beautiful Art

2. Eggs are full of deliciousness, and sometimes chickens

3. they are not ducks

4. They make great pets

5. They are sometimes made of pipe cleaner:

6. They are more patriotic than turkeys…

7. They have beautiful houses

8. Lauren likes to draw them:

9. They stand up for what we believe in

10. They are delicious in original recipe

Jimmy’s conclusion: thank you chickens!

Alternate Career Paths pt. 8

10 Mar

Many years ago Steven was a young child, a child with a penchant for porcupines.

When he was but a tot, he would fervently watch nature shows seeing the likes of Jack Hanna frolicking with animal friends. This was far too tame for young Steven, who felt the grips of adventure every time he saw a possum.

And then one day Steven saw the Crocodile Hunter, and his life changed. He realized that he could have an action show, a peculiar accent, and even better action figures that would come with a tiny little porcupine.

That is when in his dreams Steven became…. THE PORCUPINE COLLECTOR!

Steven would attach pine needles to dogs and large cats and pretend his dream was a reality.

However, on the eve of his 13th birthday Steven encountered a porcupine and broke out into a rash… it turns out he had a porcupine allergy. With his starry-eyed dreams destroyed in its prime, Steven gave up being a nature show host.

Here’s what may have been…