Literary Cats

Sometimes I have dreams. Sometimes those dreams are scary bird men. Sometimes they are about surprise meatloaf. I realize my thoughts are more than a little in the clouds. (And I must say I hope my thoughts are in the clouds Keanu Reeves walks in, he’s dreamy.) Today my thoughts are not any different. I […]

Drawing Challenge Day #4

Okay today’s’ drawing goal really threw me… because I didn’t know what it was Veronica told me to draw a “mandala” And much to my surprise it was not a portrait of Nelson Mandela. It’s like a circular religious symbol. Which is not really in my ballpark of things I draw. It is also luckily […]

Return of the Astrology Kitties

Okay I know I’ve been the worst updating but I’ve been doing artsy things… I promise! Veronica and I joined forces to make this little number for Threadless: And we’re super proud of  it. It  would mean ever so much to Vero & me if you could help me out and vote for this! Take […]

What am I doing?

The answer is drawing cats and constellations. I am currently working on a project with a lovely friend who is a wonderful artist herself. Soon I will have a whole picture to this until then enjoy this rough draft I sent her to make her laugh: ♥Lauren

Utility clothes

Today I want to share with you my most versatile present given to me this Christmas. The pajamas my mother bought me. You may say… Have you given up on life? How are pajamas the most versatile thing given to a girl who seldom wears pants and is usually coated in jewelry? Well… Let me […]

The Fire Escape

I got this amazing book this week. It gives me fabulous prompts of things to draw. I really got it for hopes that it will make me a better artist… making me draw things I would never think of drawing. One of the prompts was a fire escape: I got so excited about drawing such […]

The Circus

Hi Everyone, It’s Tuesday. My project is late, and of course the printer isn’t working. There is are only 2 things I can do 1. Play Musical Printers and Try to get this drawing printed for my boss in the next 20 minutes. 2. Join the Circus The silliest answer is the one I would […]

I am not an expert tomato handler

There are many things I think we should be able to put on resumes. Or cirriculum vitae’s or whatever they are called. I would put brilliant conversationalist, an avid Hall & Oates fan. A capable artist of  cats. And perhaps even, a great player of suduko. But I could never in good faith put great […]

I got carried away…

I find myself prone to flights of fancy more than others. I don’t know if it’s a problem, but it happens every once in a while. You look at me, and you realize I’m currently not totally there. We were just having a striking conversation and I was just talking about Sandy’s shoes from ‘Grease’. […]

2013 is going to be Awesome

So I’m back at work. I’m sorta reeling from the sad knowledge that I have to sit for 8 hours a day again, and for my inability to wear yoga clothes to work… as I spent several days in the last week sporting some of the most bad-ass pajamas you can imagine. Penguins with popcorn, cats with little […]

The Cat Olympics

I think sometimes my cats are trying to get to the Olympics, and as cat owners know there are very few categories cats can participate in. The few tests of endurance made for felines are obviously: sleeping, eating, barfing grass, and pooping. While Elliott has the silver medal in sleeping on my bed… I’m more […]

The Snail Mail of Joy!

A few moons ago I made a fun and funky fresh doodle of Jen from one of the best blogs ever Sips of Jen and Tonic, because she had inspired a new dream for me. Apparently when Jen saw her doodle it filled her days with joy and raptors: The doodle actually changed her life […]

Let’s get illy

Today I have been at home. Ill as hell… I think my body has turned against me. So, I have spent my day studying for the ARE, messaging Jimmy and my sister… and tormenting my cats. See Rocket as a fancy paper lion. I’m going to go eat some crackers.

Isabel’s Birthday 2011

Today on the 26th anniversary of Isabel. I bring to you these 26 fun Isabel facts: 1. She is not a leprechaun. 2. She likes science. 3. She is most likely going to go to Clay’s Place for her birthday. Giggle Giggle. 4. The only t-shirts she owns are Weezer Shirts 5. She locks cats […]

Australian Dreams

I had this dream last night that I went on vacation to Australia. To my surprise they had no food in Australia, only Granola bars. I asked them where they had food like ‘”Outback Steakhouse” Open at nine’? And he told me those pretty onion flowers and dreams of koalas is how they get Americans […]

Learning with Jimmy: Chicken

Today’s learning with Jimmy introduces you to Chicken, the wonder bird. Chickens are wonderful for many reasons, count them with Jimmy! 1. They Make Beautiful Art 2. Eggs are full of deliciousness, and sometimes chickens 3. they are not ducks 4. They make great pets 5. They are sometimes made of pipe cleaner: 6. They […]

Alternate Career Paths pt. 8

Many years ago Steven was a young child, a child with a penchant for porcupines. When he was but a tot, he would fervently watch nature shows seeing the likes of Jack Hanna frolicking with animal friends. This was far too tame for young Steven, who felt the grips of adventure every time he saw […]