About: The Vicious Crew

This site is mostly an artistic expression of sorts. It’s mostly created by Lauren who needs an outlet for the her exorbitant imagination. The posts range from rants, to illustrations, to general photoshop merrymaking. And all of it is in good fun.

Sometimes the friends join in too, and that is what makes Viciously Sweet better than chocolate covered hugs.

Do you need to tell me something good?

Viciously Sweet can be contacted at viciouslysweet08@gmail.com

About the Author:

Lauren: Is a Scorpio,  who has been Viciously Sweet since she was but a young girl, and has since been sharing her Viciously Sweet views with a selected group of people. She  graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture, and has worked in several architecture firms where she has been known to doodle in absurd amounts, while day dreaming about having a party planning business. Lauren can often be found wondering how she can make a blanket into a dress while watching 1980’s teen movies, she can quote most of the dialogue from Sixteen Candles, and 10 things I hate about you. She gets most of her ideas from all the weird stories her and her friends encounter in their daily lives. She is also short, owns a cat named Elliott, and dreams of becoming a sailor.



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