My Prickly Valentine

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or not… it is upon us. And even though I don’t have a Valentine this year that isn’t a cat… I can say, I kinda like it…

Not for the mega expensive red roses, or huge boxes of candy at the CVS. Seriously, there was a $40 box of candy there this week when I went to go get some mascara. Who would buy that!?!

Mostly I like Valentine’s Day because, I totally like people being nice and giving me candy until I get a stomach ache! Already took my visit to Candyland today, and ate my arms weight in chocolate. And now I have the stomach ache of a small child who should have ate her lunch and not candy.

For all of you out there who love today or not, I give you this little greeting from my favorite provocative plant:


Provocative Greetings

I have a world of knowledge I need to talk about, but it seems so heavy for a Monday. And much like a plate of steamy meatloaf with a bowl of soup on a really hot summer day… I’m going to choose to have a barbecue chicken and chilly lemonade kind of post instead.
Today I will share a doodle crossover sensation… which is both doodle Lauren and her favorite cactus… Provocative Cactus.

I just realized that we are quite into summer already and there has been nary a provocative cactus post…And having a summer season without a Provocative Cactus is practically illegal in California.

Without further ado I give you the doodle of the summer:

That cactus really has it going on. And I apologize to the children… because just like real life there is about 80% more boob in this picture than what people can usually handle… there is really just no place to hide it.

Tomorrow I may plague the internet with my burdens… but, then again maybe we should just enjoy some cotton candy.


Have A Spicy Little Christmas!

I hope today you are having a wonderful Christmas. Even if you are not a celebrator of Christmas I still hope you are having a rad day!

I hope you have a blast spending time with your family, eating pizza, watching Sandra Bullock movies… whatever you do (I’m so not judging.)

But whatever you are doing and where ever you are, I hope that this doodle makes you laugh just a little bit:

From Provocative Cactus to you: Have yourself a Provocative little Christmas Day!


Have A Provocative Halloween Everyone

While you are all dressed up as a kinky cheerleader, or a sexy cookie monster… remember there is someone out there more provocative than you will ever be without trying… And she loves to shake it for Halloween:

My best suggestion is if she’s in the costume contest I wouldn’t make a bet that you could win against her…There is no one else in the world who could wear pumpkins like that.


Provocative by moonlight

After an extensive amount of scientific testing the Cecelia, the provocative cactus is proven to be the most fascinating and titillating Cactaceae in the known universe. She is 24/7 provocative, as proven in her moonlit appearance below:

By the way this doodle was selected to be posted today by Professional Eric, doodle selector extraordinaire. Who has not given me professional knowledge today.

Provocative Cactus gets Salacious

Hey There Doodle Lovers,
I know that this website is usually a beacon of truth and cleanliness.

But now that Provocative Cactus is around she wants to push the envelope.
And now she’s now even wearing her cactus covers, but Tipper Gore found her before she could get online all uncensored:

Now that is a whole lotta cactus.

Professional Quote of the Day: October 4th

The True Professional is back in town.
He swept in at promptly 8 am to make his professional work week debut this morning in rainy (and rainbow-y SGV)
Today’s Professional Quote of the day is one from the PQOTD Archives that has yet to be released

A quick and helpful note: some people’s Journey gets stuck on “Don’t Stop Believing”
But there are a lot of other great Journey songs… like “Open Arms”, “Lights”, “Wheel in the Sky…” or my sister’s favorite “Oh, Sherry.”
As for me and Cecelia, we like “Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin”… its more provocative.