Let’s Get Vicious!

Do you ever think to yourself… Boy I would like Lauren to draw something for me?

Well now you can, just send me an email at viciouslysweet08@gmail.com

Here are some things I’ve drawn for other awesome people:

This  was for a Farmer’s Market themed wedding with a Chinese Zodiac twist:

This was for Isabels’ Romantic & Rustic wedding reception:

This was for a small theme series called Happy architecture

This was created for my parents 34th wedding anniversary:

6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Vicious!

    1. Well if it’s on my site already, just link back to my work. But if it’s commissioned especially for you, and you want to use it for commercial purposes… It depends on the intricacy and the time!
      I hope that helps! Have a viciously sweet day! :)

      1. Oh no, I’m seriously moneyless here, on the verge of extinction if I don’t finish my book soon and try hard to sell it. (How many of us are saying that these days!) I just wanted clarification.

        I wish you much luck with the business and hope you have tons of readers to help get the word out about your work. I’m definitely impressed! Impressed enough to hope I can afford your fee in the future when I plan to put a book of poems together, too. It wouldn’t be an “up” book of poetry, but your style is imaginative, yet clean — making it perfect for the small format of covers on the internet where one has little space to grab a reader’s attention.

        I’ll definitely be back to read some more. The Superman picture made me laugh!

      2. Well in the future maybe we can work something out, I love collaborating.

        Good luck to you too. Tell me about your book if you need any illustrations in the future. Cheers and thanks!

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