Isabel Stare-A-Thon 2013: Far Far Away

I have been very neglectful in reporting on the stare-a-thon this year.

But it’s still going on strong.

So strong in fact that now even galaxies far, far away are participating in the visual celebration of Isabel:

Isabel stare-a-thon started long long ago… you know :)

Staring is caring everybody.

And as this shows even robots like to stare. I wish I knew more about what was happening here… it looks like they are good starers though. They could make a movie about it called “Stare  Wars” even.

Happy Staring everyone!


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Lisa Frank

On today’s edition of the celestial Isabel stare-a-thon it seems that now Isabel has traveled further than the solar system and is now even out of this galaxy

She’s practically interplanet Janet from school house rock:

I forgot to post this on wednesday!

Happy Staring!


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Fireworks

I got caught up all in the holiday of last week and forgot some important postings.

So to make up for it… I put on my Katy Perry thinking bra and I made Isabel into a firework….

Did you know that second to Clay Aiken… Katy Perry is also a huge Isabel stare-a-thon fan?

You know it’s true.

Isabel owns the night like the 4th of July:

She’s a firework and a teenage dream… Isabel is probably Katy Perry’s biggest inspiration.

Happy Staring!


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Circle of Stare

Happy Friday to tall those crazy starers out there!
On this Edition of the Isabel Stare-a-thon we see that a heavenly apparition has appeared in a really non human occupied area in somewhere in Africa…

Thank goodness Gazelle’s are very technology savvy and always have their smartphones at the ready:

Happy Staring.

Maybe a doodle later today….


Isabel Stare-a-thon 2013: The beginning

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate staring at everyone’s  favorite ocular spectacle…


You may remember Isabel from well staring at her for the last 5 years every November 20th to December 20th.

Well the time is back upon us…

and then:

And of course:

And prepare to stare.

And for all of those out there caught up in the excitement of Isabel theme’s prepare your sights for a heavenly stare for the next few weeks:

The theme was ingeniously created by the Thon.

The stare-a-thon will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Doodles will still be as often as I can make them.

Here’s to a lovely stare-a-thon.


Magically Delicious

On this Monday I would like to share something I have thought of.

Even in this sometimes dreary little world… We all kind of have magical powers.

Like moms seem to know everything you are up to… even in my ye olden 20s it’s totally true… My mom knows I’m pretty much always goofing off on the internet.

Thon seems to know how to fix anything technological while having hair identical to Jim Halpert.

My brother can create intricate and fantastic little figurines when he’s not surveying the majestic north of  Alaska.

Amber is like a witch doctor of vitamins she has like an entire pharmacy in her purse.

Christine may know everything about all seasonings and wii games (this has come in handy many times).

Isabel makes tiny universes in petri dishes on a regular basis.

Nancy has this imagination that is out of this world.

My sister has the ability to accessorize like mad woman (this is really a gift.)


I mean we aren’t the Hulk or anything… but it’s all pretty cool when you think about it.

And if you were wondering about me, I think my ability to doodle would be my super power…

imagination makes everything awesome.

… but I would switch it with the ability to fly or teleport in a heartbeat.

Happy Monday


Isabel’s Wedding

I have been the busiest Lauren this side of the Pecos. (That’s an expression…. right?)

And this weekend I even traveled far (not that far) to party with everyone’s (especially Clay Aiken’s) favorite Isabel to celebrate her ever so recent wedding to David!

And it was magical.

There was so much drinks, and dancing, and food, and joy.

I feel really lucky to have been in attendance.

I even made them a logo for their wedding:

David & Isabel… a totally married couple doodle.

The doodle was even put on their photo booth strips!

Can you imagine the sheer joy of making photo booth strips? I mean it’s amazing…

I didn’t even know that it was a goal in my life to make one  until I saw the final product.

I made this thing… and also made silly faces!
nancy and i are being fun animals

I felt like a proper illustrator.

Thanks Isabel! I wish you and David all the best… in all of life forever and ever.

Thanks for making me feel like a cool artsy person.

And to everyone else I am available for all doodling purposes!

Next event…. my sister’s baby shower.


Oodles of Isabel on her 28th Birthday!

This is my second post of the day.

Can you believe the best day ever has 2 parts? And this post is dedicated to the one and only Isabel.

And of course there’s a story to go with her unbridled majesty. Isabel was the first friend I made in high school, she listened to cool music, was incredibly pale… and she drove to school in the most awesome station wagon this side of the rocky mountains. My story about her this year comes a few years after we met…When were seniors we had a class trip to Disneyland that lasted all night (A California tradition). Our parents both liked to terrify us, the way parents do… and told us not to fall asleep on the bus because we would certainly be molested. And being good Catholic girls we totally abided by our parents rules. We stayed up the WHOLE night, the entire bloody night. And we stayed up the whole bus ride back as everyone else slept, and out other friends boob popped out of her shirt. Thank goodness we were up because that sucker got covered up big time. Needless to say when we got back to my house we were delirious, and the worst part is that neither of us could sleep. So we decide to pass our still awake hours by watching “Center Stage” (which was lovingly borrowed from Christine.) We put the tape into my cool tv/vcr combo and let it play. And my mother assumed we would have fallen asleep in about half an hour once we were in my room watching this teen flick. Well, I can’t even tell you what that movie was about, I just know that we laughed the whole way through it like the delirious unmolested children we were. It was one of the most fun days ever recorded.

And I didn’t laugh that hard ever again until we watched the French Canadian version of “Bring It On” which was re-titled “Le Tout Por Let Tout”.

Happy Birthday Isabel you are really the best friend a girl could ask for and the best person to laugh through a movie with!

I am such a big fan of those awkward photos. And if anyone could take one, it could be Isabel.

And yes I still draw you in Weezer shirts after all these years… I would like to imagine you own like 40 of them. And you have them for all occasions. In fact I cannot wait for you to have your wedding day Weezer shirt… and since you don’t really have one, I will totally make it for you.

Happy Isabel & Christine’s birthday everyone!


Isabel Stare-A-thon 2012: Exponential THON

Today is the final day of staring, glaring and gazing at the one and only Isabel.

Since I have not been as up to date this year on my staring logs. I have decided the best way to share how much staring at Isabel means to our office. Cue the romantic music.

The guys in the office are really into the whole event:

It’s been really hard to get work done in the office because people cannot literally look away from the live Isabel feed on the computer. The professional loves that the stare-a-thon can be integrated into his cubicle time:

And then there is Jonathon… our new coworker:

Jonathon preparing to stare

Has not only caught the staring bug:

But he also made this years staring slogan:

Yes, I work with some really weird dudes. And well, they could be doing worse things than staring. So as long as the star-a-thon is on we’re all safe… wait, it’s over.

Happy Stare-a-thon Isabel!

2012 Isabel Stare-a-thon, out.