Magically Delicious

On this Monday I would like to share something I have thought of.

Even in this sometimes dreary little world… We all kind of have magical powers.

Like moms seem to know everything you are up to… even in my ye olden 20s it’s totally true… My mom knows I’m pretty much always goofing off on the internet.

Thon seems to know how to fix anything technological while having hair identical to Jim Halpert.

My brother can create intricate and fantastic little figurines when he’s not surveying the majestic north of  Alaska.

Amber is like a witch doctor of vitamins she has like an entire pharmacy in her purse.

Christine may know everything about all seasonings and wii games (this has come in handy many times).

Isabel makes tiny universes in petri dishes on a regular basis.

Nancy has this imagination that is out of this world.

My sister has the ability to accessorize like mad woman (this is really a gift.)


I mean we aren’t the Hulk or anything… but it’s all pretty cool when you think about it.

And if you were wondering about me, I think my ability to doodle would be my super power…

imagination makes everything awesome.

… but I would switch it with the ability to fly or teleport in a heartbeat.

Happy Monday


An Ode to Christine on her 28th birthday

Today is actually one of my favorite days.

No, not because of Good Friday’s meatless promises.

But because it’s my bff’s for life’s birthdays! And as always I would like to share a little tale about one of the best people I know. I am a very lucky girl to have met Christine in the freshest moments of the new century. She had an impressive vocabulary for a teenager, and at the same time she had the most unintentional orange hair I have ever seen. In fact at the moment we started giggling I knew that I had met someone of significance. And 13 years later we are still gigglier than ever. Now we don’t pass notes in class, but we pass texts during work. And we still play the same word games that tickled our fancy in our teenage years. We may have jobs, family issues, and bills to pay. But when we are together we can be as silly and girly as our hearts desire.

Happy Birthday Christine! You are the best co-conspirator a girl could ask for.

FUN FACT: The 28th birthday is the pirate birthday!

Have the best year ever, Christine. And Happy Christine & Isabel’s birthday.


The Planter

Do you know people who you would rather avoid at all costs? I certainly do, and some of them I have to see far too often.

There are so many ways to try to avoid people, but since I’m pretty ungraceful there are very few that are actually successful. Walking backwards out of the room, answering pieces of wood you pretend are a phone, and being really interested in glue sticks are some of my cool moves… which you can totally borrow if you think it will work for you.

I have adopted one from my good friend Christine lately, and it seems really fool-proof:

planter of solace

Sadly, if you think you are one of these people I would want to super avoid… you are probably right. And also probably not reading this…


Happy Fangsgiving Everyone!

It’s finally here. The day we’ve all been waiting for.


So make sure you cook your undead turkey, hang your spiderwebs, bake your store bought apple pie and just sit back and relax. The day is here for you and your spooky-scary friends and family. Make the most of it, and don’t go out in the sun. I think you may melt or sparkle:

Just remember to fang it up!

In all honesty, have a wonderful weekend. Eat. Buy things. And be wonderful.


It’s never too late… for lobsters

Today I’m really excited because of several things.

-Being at work was a real dream today. I witnessed my coworkers get in a really heated conversation about religion, I somehow changed the subject to Greek Mythology… I got a lot of work done, and checked over. And did mention I sneaked in some creative moments while my computer over-reacted to life.

-Tonight, I eat clam chowder. And since the weather is a little crisper in California now than it usually is… this chowder is going to be a real treat.

– I am wearing a red leopard sweater that makes me feel like a million dollars! Which I got from Vintage Dreams… and I love it and I love Lucy, the owner of the store. Who earlier this year gave me some great advice about being worth more than the mess I found myself in at the time, and to “Never waste your prettiness on people who don’t deserve it”. I am eternally for those kind words, also I blush ♥.

-I get to see my bff in all her glory today, and she will have a plethora of pens to my notebook of paper. I hope we laugh so hard that we cry. And cry so hard we laugh, and eat candy… I could use some candy and a drink.

– Yesterday I received 3 books in the mail! 3 WHOLE TANGIBLE BOOKS!!!! Now I may not be Belle or anything like that, but I felt like singing when I saw that Amazon box sitting in my living room filled with leafy knowledge. I brought one of those books to work, and I feel like a queen.

– I was reminiscing about an art exhibit I saw early this year the California Modern Exhibit at LACMA and created a new goal for myself. To own an incredible swimsuit that has an incredible lobster on it. I would wear it all the time, and probably under my clothes so I can Superman into my lobster swimsuit when necessary…

“Is that a lake? I feel some swimming coming on”. *rips off dress to reveal lobster swimsuit, and proceeds to jump in water*

This could be a really cool thing actually…

And to my coworker that keeps calling me a lobster… I think this was inspired by you. Also I still don’t get why I am a lobster? Is there any reason for this?

And if I am a lobster because of a reference to “friends” you suck so much, that I cannot fully explain with words. Also you don’t really suck, I just don’t want to be that person’s “lobster” they are too much to deal with.


My So Called (Unicorn) Life

Earlier this year I adopted a life motto I couldn’t have said better myself:

“No one looks stupid when they are having fun.”-Amy Poehler.

And since then I have really embraced it, I accept all offers if they sound like fun. Sometimes even if they don’t… and I know I can make them fun. And since then I have realized a few things.. the most important is, I live a fabulous and rare existence.

I really do.

I love to dance all over my house to Aretha Franklin songs. Drive to work singing along with Pitbull, drive home singing the songs of Phil Collins. And I draw for hours, sometimes I get paid for it… And then I also doodle in addition to that, just for fun. I can and do decided to go on super fabulous adventures on the drop of a hat… but not to Sea World on a Saturday (you can’t win them all.) I have a closet full of fabulous threads. Tons of lip-glosses and nail polishes… scads of jewelry and shoes. I also just got a pair of sparkly tights in the mail… I really do live a charmed life. And best of all is I have some fabulous friends who let me exist in my sparkly universe, and stop on by on occasion to watch it in real time. And my friends are all so different and deliciously brilliant, I get the thrill to appreciate each wonderful thing about them!

Now about a month ago if anyone had mentioned the fact that I live a rare magical existence I would have burst into tears, because I desperately wanted to be grounded like everyone else I know*.  But lately I realized through a few fantastic people… that I make their days a little brighter. And that really changed everything. I thank you friends for making me feel like the most magical unicorn that has ever existed. I may care more about concerts and charities than business and finances and I don’t know stock options and refinancing… or whatever serious people are into… but I do know that sometimes there is nothing better than watching a Disney cartoon and eating pizza after a hard day.

The world doesn’t have to be such a serious place, it can be full of the joy we make. And I think that is a choice that we make… I choose the fun, even if I look stupid.


Thank you friends for letting me be your unicorn.


That’s What Friends Are For…

Much like a Dionne Warwick jam, it is really great to spend time with your friends. Especially if your friend is Rupert Evert singing “I say a Little Prayer For You”. Oops wrong song reference… and on the note of Rupert Evert, I sent him a friendship bracelet in 1998 and he’s never gotten back to me. He must be so excitedly wearing it that he forgot to send a thank you.

As always I digressed.

But this weekend a conversation happened between me and Christine that just shows you the magic of friendship. And if it were crafted into a 2 hour movie… it would win all the awards.

I present to you today’s doodle:

I imagine the movie based on this doodle starring Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz, in the roles they were born to play.

However I would like to point out today is Amber’s birthday and she will have a smashing doodle on this page tomorrow. Happy Birthday Am-bear.
I am just too busy with all this work silliness to make a proper doodle today… but oh tomorrow there will be doodles!!!!

It’s the Best Day Ever! Part 1

Today is one of the best days ever! It is both of my BFF”s birthdays in ONE GLORIOUS 24 HOUR PERIOD!

So as one can imagine, I’m about as excited as a hungry Panda in a bamboo forest!

In this special 2 part post I will celebrate Southern California’s Most Treasured Dip Associate… Christine!

Let me share with you 10 amazing things about Christine so you can appreciate her the way I do.

1. This girl has no qualms in partaking in incredible levels of childish merrymaking with me. We take pictures picking Liam Neeson’s nose… take trips to the .99 store to buy props for everyday lives… and have an on going word game that has lasted a good 10 years (and now has it’s own book.)

2. She has a silver sequined promise beret that matches my gold sequined promise beret! (Our promise is to be awesome!)

3. Christine has an apartment on top of a hill, that has mustaches over the doorways.

4. She isn’t afraid of scary movies… in fact she almost never notices the scary things.

5. She has a healthy fear of left turns in Downtown L.A. (but who doesn’t.)

6. She has the ability to make really big crazy eyes! Which I am really envious of this because my eyes are wicked tiny and crazy.

7. Christine has this fantasy that we should all be in a Bollywood movie, someday I will make this happen for her.

8. She has eaten at all the Senor Fish restaurant locations!

9. She will at a drop of a bangle bracelet threaten people who are not nice to me!

10. She is a secret swash buckler, and has this fantastic umbrella sword. I like to think she uses it to fight crime in her spare time.

Thank you for being awesome Christine! I hope you have the best birthday a girl could ask for, and the best year to follow!

♥ & Lollipops,


The Good Old Sin Gauge

Today I have been super busy being all architectural and such. I should probably get back to it ASAP since we’re enjoying a deadline only the citizens of Wonderland would enjoy…

Anywho… I made a typo that I knew would make a fantastic thing to share! One that is only possible for me to create. So newly added to the vaults of things I incorrectly read/type I bring to you the following typo:

let's gauge this sin
I say my sin gauge is at a solid 6.


At least I caught it before it left the office, it could have been much more disastrous in the owner of the projects possession… or even my boss. Once we sent drawings to a meeting that said “Window Lovers” instead of “Window Louvers” it wasn’t my mistake… but it was hilarious.

I’m going to have to go work on my Sin Gauge now… and draw a ramp or something.


P.S. Happy Birthday Eve to Christine and Isabel!