Things that I am going to do

Today I kinda mental snapped. So no doodle today.Well I have one… it is just not to be revealed to the people. It involves me turning into Charlie Sheen. Which still may happen.

Tonight I started working on my future. So that is really exciting. Because I see a lot of things more like the Jetsons in my future… Also I see pizza in a cup… and Isabel having a child names “Manchild”. My future is awesome.
I’m going to watch a movie set in Chicago… preferably with Bill Pullman. Toodles.


The New Reader

We have a new reader, and his name is Tony.

Hi there Tony!

We at Viciously Sweet like to make thorough and mindbending background checks on all our readers, and you seem to pass our testing. But let me ask you this… did you think people would ever find out about your extensive chaleco modeling?

The internet reveals all. Have a nice day sciencing.