Here is Norton

He is my newer kitten that I’m in love with.
His name is Norton, named after Graham Norton and both at the same time Ed Norton. He really just looks like a Norton.
He has no thoughts.
He actually just stares at things that are not interesting all day.
Right now he’s probably staring to the left of something interesting.


She’s straight up fancy

Here is a doodle of my mom’s cat Cynthia.

She is very fancy.

She’s so fancy she will only drink out of a crystal glass.

She loves to eat whilst sitting on a padded cushion.

She likes to take naps on expensive clothing, and only designer purses.

Also she likes to take naps like… all day.

This cat is nothing like Elliott.


The Phantom Kitty

I was talking to my sister in law and we came up with this lovable friend. Phantom Kitty!
I being an avid doodler had to draw him… I present to you, Phantom Kitty:

A few things you should know about him:
His Favorite Band is Phantom Planet.
His Favorite drink is Orange Fanta.
His Favorite movie is “The Phantasm”

How great are my puns? Phan-tastic.