One Glove Salute: RIP MJ

Okay nothing snarky or sarcastic here (for a change)

Thank you my dear friends for flooding me with the information about Michael Jackson. Yes Jimmy and Christine I believe you now!!!

I hope people don’t use his passing as an excuse to be really shitty… ahem TMZ!!! Please don’t be more assy than regular

He was a talented musician.

Hold Me Tight

Apparently Isabel and Clay have been missing since wednesday because they have been at a non stop hug-a-thon.

It is now hour 73 and they are still going strong…

They may hug all weekend. Except Isabel wants to see “Year One” so she may accept 4th place.


Spirit Fingers

Tonight’s “Bring It On” reference is brought to you by spirit fingers.

My copy is traversing the US to come my way… apparently there is a warehouse in NewYork Filled with copies of this movie.

My dvd is currently going the distance… like this song by Cake… which you should play while thinking about my dvd.


Paris is for ♥

Quite honestly Isabel and Clay are painting the town with their joy.

They are in fact so happy they haven’t left Paris… not because of creepy reasons like in the final destination movies.

So word is while Eric and Oprah see the sights in London… Clay took his “little croissant” Isabel about the French country side. Where they traveled about Versailles, where there is authentic Tex-Mex food.

Here they are admiring the Palace gardens that Clay believes pale in comparison to his literally pale companion.

And later they strolled inside the Palace to see the Hall of mirrors… Where they effectively checked themselves before they wrecked themselves.

When asked about her day in the outskirts of Paris, she had only this to say “It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love for life. You know what? You can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank, you know, holding claws…”



He’s Got Legs

And he knows how to use them.

I’ve been warning Jimmy about the ballet.

I severly doubt that he will enjoy this as much as he appears to in this picture.

But I think he will like his new title as Jimmy “Lord of the Dance,” or hopefully the ladies will.


The Movie of your Life

Okay so have you ever wondered who would play you n a movie about your life… well I have and then I went to to play with their celebrity look a like machine.

So I thought I would have maximum fun and put a picture with both Christine and Isabel… and then I was given these most awesome results… WE WOULD ALL BE PLAYED BY VERY VERY WHITE LADIES.

And for some reason Isabel would be an Olsen Twin.

And the lobster would be played by Hugh Crant.

Lifetime Movies starring…

Much like the Isabel Stare-A-thon, and the Alternate Career Paths posts, there will be another themed type post.

Don’t you ever wish your life were more dramatic… or melodramatic for that matter.  I knew you’d agree… that is why the next posts may find you or Isabel starring in Lifetime Movies… like a dream come true right?

this could be you...
this could be you...