Super Vest Party 9!

All the way down in San Diego there is a lab full of people that are big fans of the Super Mario:

One of those lab workers is the truest love of Clay Aiken. But that is a different story… Another one of the lab workers is an avid vest fan.

One moonlight evening he decided to combine both his love of Super Mario and vests. The answer was not a pie chart, or a test he could perform on mutated flies… but this:

♫LAUREN (the chaleco girl)

He likes his vests…. long

I have discovered that I really like photoshopping vests on people, or people on vests. Thank goodness one of our readers likes vests.

This one goes out to Tony who not only likes his vests long… but his belt longer:

And no this look isn’t for a fair or a play, this vest stone cold goes into that lab and sciences it up.

Have a nice day sciencing.