Drawing Challenge day #14

Although today is the day of love…

Our drawing challenge has nothing to with Valentines.

Today we are supposed to draw a cartoon from our childhood.

My favorite was Rocko’s Modern life

It was odd, avante garde, and had a soundtrack from the B-52s- who I can describe in another post had a great influence of my aesthetic.

So it was about this little Wallaby who was learning how hard it was to be an adult. Which is an odd concept for a kids cartoon. But I really loved it, and it showed me a lot of my future was going to be hanging with weird and delightful friends, and not being as rich as the monopoly man.

Too poor to buy groceries.

Too tired of dumb bosses.

Too tongue tied around the person you have a crushy crush on?

Rocko lived it.

Thanks Rocko! You really got me through the real struggles. Just nervously laugh and carry on!



Greetings and Salutations from the 90’s

All “Heathers” related instances aside I wish you would watch this video:

Marvel at Mark McGrath and his alergy to sleeved shirts.

What can you say about a man likes to remain sleeve free. I would like everyone to know I had this picture 2 years i a row on my collaged folder in high school:

That’s like (500) days of Mark McGrath…

On a closely related story:

Doesn’t it look like Mark and Ethan could be related? The answer, yes.

Here is a good place to add this:


Isabel Stare-A-thon: Closing Ceremonies

It has come to that time of the year… when the Isabel Stare-A-thon is over.

Wait! There is no reason to cry 1950’s child!

It’s fine… No not you too guy from Dawson’s Creek:

Seriously no weeping Roy Lichtenstein woman:

Excuse me Homer go get a Mc Ribwich… no crying:


And… GWEN!!!! This is really not a big deal:

Isabel isn’t going away, its just time that the offical stare-a-thon stops. You can still look at her tomorrow… but now it’s on your own time.

fin de Isabel Stare-a-thon 2009


Tuesday’s Lauryn

I was most adamantly into rock since early teen-hood.

But I could never deny the sheer magic of Lauryn Hill, or the Fugees.

Her voice was awesome… I also remember that i loved her clothes… And she was so pre-Fergie fantastic.

Also when she went solo… she still kicked ass

I also like how similar her name was to mine…  but I digress

Enjoy this video from Lauryn (which is one of my favorite videos)

Then enjoy this not so great video from Wyclef Jean (who’s post Fugee’s work has not really impressed me)



Monday’s Dylan

I am listening to “Sleepwalker” at work

So today I would like people to think about Jakob Dylan.

Lead Singer from the Wallflowers….

Here he is in a hallway:

here he is playing a guitar:

He can still drive it home with one headlight.