Isabel Stare-a-thon: John Mayer hold

Oh dear Llama of truth,
Isabel has been captured in a John Mayer stare hold. This may be incredibly dangerous stares that can happen to a girl from the ages of 8-82. Especially if he has cu-…
oh Salamander of Justice, he has curly tendrils….
We may have to step in, and break this up.

John Mayer Alert. John Mayer Alert. John Mayer Alert. John Mayer Alert.


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Now in 2d

The Isabel Stare-a-thon has become the newest sensation for the 2-D.
This doodle Lauren really can barely handle it.

2 dimensions of awesome, now with Isabel.

I can’t even explain to you how Mickey Mouse or Baloo feels about it…. Because they are holding on to their f*ing hats.

look at how bloody excited he is!


Isabel Stare-A-Thon: By the power of America

After a long day of worrying about the entire world. The president likes to have a bit of a relax. Now you may ask yourself if you are the leader of the free world… and most jokes on the television are about you, how do you relax?
Yes you have it absolutely right. He has a CCTV feed of Isabel.
Absolutely awesome?
Now listen to hail to the chief and sing these lyrics: “Hail to the chief he’s the chief and he likes staring.”

He's stares with the power of the presidency

He really likes staring.