30 Rock, Chicken and my inner Princess

Today I will keep this posting brief… I have been up to my eyes in work today. So that is approximately 4’8″ of work.

Anyways, I found out that this week it is National Princess week. This new holiday is sponsored by Target, Disney and Julie Andrews. 3 of America’s favorite corporations. And then I thought about how people would celebrate a week devoted to channeling your inner princess. I figured I would be dressed by birds, showered with flowers, be hassled by winsome suitors, and be wary of the fruit I ingest. But that is actually not that different from the other weeks in the year…

So everyone out there, celebrate your inner Princess, or Gaston, or Meeko the racoon! I’m going to go watch 30 rock, and eat chicken!

♥ and Lollipops,

Is Lauren Interested? A Handy Guide to Figure Out How to Make Me Listen to You

Have you ever wondered when you are talking to me if I am interested in what you are talking to me about? I must tell you that if you are wondering you may already have your answer. Am I looking far away into space? Am I giggling in the middle of your words? Sorry about that friend, my brain goes at approximately 234 miles per second.

Lauren's Note: Sorry that this doodle scares you, Amber.

Now venture into the next zone carefully:

Firstly, ask yourself  is this really news I need to hear? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no… walk away, until you made your story into an awesome concoction that I can’t live without.

If your answer is yes, I need to know about it instantly. You may want to use some Lauren convo traps. (I have a feeling that giving away my secrets may be a huge mistake, but I want to hear about new and exciting things, trap me into learning!)

The bait was something shiny!

1. Have you mentioned “the Cure” in any way? Mentioning Robert Smith and his brethren of musical accompaniments may help me  completely tune into what you are saying. Friday I’m in… totally listening to you.

In my imagination we could totally go get gelato and buy matching lipstick...

2. Have you thought of mentioning 30 Rock? If not you should! You may just blow my mind grapes with your witty repertoire.

I would wolf my teamster sub for Floyd.

3. If you may be losing me in conversation don’t fret… bring up chickens! Be they fried, doodled, free range, applying for drivers licenses in Arkansas… I’m there.

Chicken its the best food, and your best friend

4. Art, lets talk about it.. Mondrian, Hopper, Munch, Shag, Bob Dob, Utrillo, Kahlo…

Also Lets make famous art into chickens... combining numbers is muy bueno.

5. Am I going to get a present at the end of this conversation? Just give me a present. People should really give me more presents anyway.

Today the Dab gave me a rubber band, a paper clip and a binder clip... I was overjoyed.

6. Lets talk architecture. This is separate from art, because it is kind of my real profession and all.Tell me about your favorite building mid convo, I want to know about it. And if you can weave that into the story your telling… all the better.

Architectural PUNS!

7. This thing you are talking about…  are you super passionate about it? Does it drive your existence? I love to hear that kind of stuff… I mean if you are really into your story… How could it not become a classic for all ages?

I hope you love it when I talk about gelato

8. Are you talking about an instance that happened to someone I know… that always helps, so I can imagine… I’m usually hoping for a funny circumstance or something… But if its someone I don’t really like- like at all, lets not tell the story. Let’s instead talk about #1-7.

I need an owl to help me out in this situation

And that is really it. Help me become a better listener! I really want to hear all about that really cool thing that happened to you that one time when that other thing happened.


P (to the ) S: that was a lot of doodles.

Cubicle Tour 2011!

I need a break, and this should take about 15 minutes. I am sitting about work kind of mentally numb, and I just had a brilliant idea!

I think I should have an open house of my cubicle for the internets… So lets start!

Here is my beloved Office Penguin… his name is Mr. Office Penguin, I have taken him all over the city of Los Angeles. He has since become a land locked pirate. Also there is my quote a day 30 Rock calender brought to me from New York, and wrestled out of the hands of an NBC Page (or maybe just purchased at the NBC experience store):

Here is an upclose of my shot glass collection. It holds Elliott Pierre the monkey (which I believe originates as a gift from Christine), and the x-acto blade I try not to injure myself with:

Now let’s have a look at my view, beyond the clouds is… the Dab:

This is my wall of silliness which every adult should have:

Here is an upclose of a photoshop Eric did of me and a doodle from Ariana (I like when people make me stuff):

Here is the proof I went to school for Architecture, This is a model from my thesis… which found its way in the office and has never left. And of course my diploma… aww the Wood.

Here is a doodle I’m working on:

and here is me, with my favorite artistic medium… le sharpie, yep mine is french… actually I call him Marky Mark:

That is pretty much it I have to get back to work, try to finish this drawing, and listen to the Scissor Sisters… Have a nice weekend.

Isabel Stare-a-thon: 30 rock edition

Did you know that the Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming of GE takes a little bit of time out of his busy schedule of being fantastic and professional to celebrate this special time of year?
Yes, even Jack Donaghy (the totally real VP of GE) cannot get enough staring at Isabel.
He believes it to be the most important Holiday after GE Microwave Celebrational Day, and NBC’s ever annoying Green Week… He gets so excited about it that he pretty much Jack’s all over his posh fancy man office.

If you don't stare at Isabel, you might as well go to bed with a frown.


10 things that I’ve thought of today w/ Lauren

1. Is the “Wedding Singer” the best movie ever?

Answer: To me it may just be, I almost failed a film class when I said it was my favorite film. Because the teacher looked at me and said she’d assume I liked Adam Sandler films. Although it was more than a diss on her part, I do like Adam Sandler and took this as a compliment.

Also it may be the best film because of classic moments like this:

and finally,

2. Mr Belvedere. He’s always made me wish I had a curmudgeonly servant with a British accent. And…eww did anyone really like Kevin Owens?

3. Will I photobooth with Christine when we celebrate her and Isabel’s birthday? And does Isabel approve of us celebrating her birthday if she’s in San Diego? And when is a great time to go harrass Isabel in this San Diego?

4. This song. Because it’s not to late for “that”. And boy do I love non-specifics.

5. Why is it so cold and not raining? I was outside today and there was wind like a monsoon was upon me and then…… nothing.

Seriously thanks weather men. I could be wearing much cuter shoes!!!

6. Did my cat do something super heinous and bad today? In other news does anyone want a slightly used cat? He’s beige and has a bowtie for fancy occasions.

7. Why don’t I get glamour naps at work?

8. Is my niece like the cutest thing? I adore her absolute blondeness!

9. Will I ever make another marathon of Eric and the ladies? Will this upset Eric?

Answer: YES and YES!

10.  Why doesn’t Starbucks advertise like this? I mean seriously Jason Sudeikis looks real good, and he’s drinking a Starbucks beverage.

On a sad note this is him as Floyd DeBarber… getting married to some yoga weirdo.

That’s pretty much it.