Touch Me in the Morning.

I just heard a commercial for Cedar Sinai Hospital where they claim the “nursing staff likes to touch lives… and be touched in return.”
I giggled.

Who ever is the writer for the commercial, has to know that sounds more than wrong.
What if I don’t want to touch their staff in return… will they send me to Kaiser?


Things that I find odd: Ads

I have decided to celebrate this week to its fullest potential I will each and everyday make a post about things that are not so right in this world…

Welcome to International Things that I find odd week!



I have been being driven insane by these ads that seem to cater to all the information that I place into the internet. There are always the diet ads that plague both Isabel and I, we assume Facebook is not pleased with our physique. They usually boast some sort of celebrity or food.

BUT some of the ads that pop up are really quite… special.

Since I falsely boast an engagement with Nancy on Facebook, I get all sorts of wedding related articles such as photographers and places that want use to book our faux nuptials.

Of course the ads share with me such other necessities as “Wedding Restrooms” that need no description after you read the ad.

But thus far my favorite wedding related ads are “disposable wedding cameras”… can they only be used at weddings??? Really??? There is no other event they would sell them for? That seems like event racism to me.

My foremost favorite ad besides immigrating to Canada, has to be disposable flasks, because my hefty, engaged ass that loves Canada and 1980s related cinema is in desperate need to drink, and so much so that I need to have a personalized disposable flask.