That is one Provocative Cactus

In a series of stories that intersected like mad yesterday. The Dab and I came up with a brilliant new character in my doodle universe…

Yes, a cactus that is far more provocative than any other cacti. Picture it, she has beautiful long luscious eyelashes, succulent red lips (oh the pun), and well for lack of a better term the most provocative cactus-wear you have ever laid your eyes on:

Simply stunning, am I right?

Also, I imagine her living with me in my Pee Wee’s Playhouse kind of world… where ever she shows up she gets everyone’s attention:

Oh Cecelia, you are too provocative for your own good.

Have a nice weekend people.


Just a little Crazy

So Amber sometimes gets really mad.

This usually coincides with one or more circumstances
1. She’s being harassed by staples (the store, not the paper binding object)
2. She is angry at some professional entity (see Professional Eric)
3. She just lost that monopoly card game

This is the results: