Drawing Challenge day 21

I’ve been having some rough days and I really just realized I haven’t even made any of these posts even though I’m drawing them!

Today is a day I chose. Draw and American Idol!

And not in a Ryan Seacrest way!

So I drew one of my favorite ladies…. who is so American and is everything America is about!

Dolly Parton.

She is a self made celebrity and is so talented and warm and lovely. Also she has the best… wigs in the entire world!


It’s Isabel, or is that Isabelle… or…

On Clay Aiken’s endless broken heart news, Isabel has been spotted with a much more age appropriate American Idol…
… Yes, 2010 winner (of hearts) Lee Dewyze.

However there is one really big problem with Lee… he cannot spell Isabel’s name… He would just like to say that he’s closer to it than Clay Aiken’s love song to Isabel “Invisible.”




Isabel’s Spicy Scandal

There has been a shakeup in the Viciously Sweet universe.
It seems that a certain Isabel has been seen on the town with a gingery American Idol Alumnus.
And not the one you are thinking of…

Yes. Scotty McCreery.
Here they are in Prince’s shiny (and completely normal) purple patio:

You may know him from being the younger Clay Aiken on this season of American Idol. He’s kind of like the new version of the VW Bug. He’s so much slicker, but still has that adorable little vase.

Will Isabel ever return to Clay???


P.S. Does Scotty’s name look like McCreepy to anyone else?

Isabel Stare-A-thon: American Idol Eyes

Firstly we here at Viciously Sweet would like to say congratulations to Kris Allen who recently released his American Idol victory album.

But like many people we were curious about his album cover…

After many painful moments, theories flew about. Was he staring at a spooky monster? A shadow? Why is where he is staring glowing?

Wait is he staring at….

Oh that makes sense.

Thank you Kris Allen for being one of the many celebrities who can’t get their eyes off of Isabel.

It really helps the cause.

Remember to stare at Isabel today… where ever you are :)


Notes on the Delicious

So I miss a lot of things because I work.

I know that happens to millions of people a day.

But what shouldn’t happen is missing Kris Allen:

He’s majorly cute, and he’s more adorable in person:

yep.. I’m a sucker.

Also Adam Lambert sang “Starlight” deliciously… my favorite song that he sings:

Afternoon Clay

Tonight there is some sort of special American Idol event going on, but here at Viciously Sweet we are so not into it. Especially because on a bitchy sidenote Lauren actually watched it this season with her mother and liked someone with glasses… who was voted off.

But Anyway Viciously Sweet does not condone voting for new American Idol’s when we already have a perfectly delicious one.

Here’s Viciously Sweet’s fav. American Idol:

Don’t you ever dream a little dream of Clay??

with America’s Favorite Isabel… and this is not a snazzy premiere they are at, they just got stuck going past one one the way to coldstone.

And you know the cameras love them… and their love.


p.s. tomorrow there will be a super extra special post about Clay and Isabel :)