Starbright: Christine as Jem

I decided to draw one of my favorite people as one of my favorite cartoons. Without drawing one of my friends as Spongebob, I give you Christine as Jem.

Who as you remember is truly outrageous:

If I made a cartoon like Daria, this would be one of her alter-egos.


The Phantom Kitty

I was talking to my sister in law and we came up with this lovable friend. Phantom Kitty!
I being an avid doodler had to draw him… I present to you, Phantom Kitty:

A few things you should know about him:
His Favorite Band is Phantom Planet.
His Favorite drink is Orange Fanta.
His Favorite movie is “The Phantasm”

How great are my puns? Phan-tastic.


Jimmy: Part of your world

I was watching Disney cartoons and thought… how would Jimmy feel if he was in this cartoon?


All I can think about is taco room and fifes. Seriously, who plays a fife?


p.s. I think Jimmy is going to want to kill me for this one. And it may be 76% justified for the cummerbund alone

Fine Art w/ Clay

Many years ago the Police sang the song “Every little thing She does is Magic,” if they were to write that song in modern times they would call it “Every little thing Clay does is Magic”… and it would be so true.

As many people have seen my dear friend Isabel and Clay Aiken share a cosmic connection based on music and mutual admiration.

So much so that Clay is reported to have a room in his Hollywood estate dedicated to the art of Isabel! After many years of dedicating songs to her he has now decided to capture her in tangible art…

I give to you Clay Aiken’s painting “Isabel in May”…





The ending of the STARE-A-thon 2008 ® brings sadness to the world of viciously sweet.. but it shall come again next year. Recent knowledge has told us that she has been spotted with Clay Aiken, and the photos of their reunion are emerging… we will of course keep you posted. Until then remember all the times you have stared at Isabel in the last month, keep the good times in your heart.