Learning with Jimmy: Angela Lansbury


Today’s learning things with Jimmy brings us Angela Lansbury.

You may know her from Murder She Wrote:


Bedknobs, and broomsticks:


or Beauty and the Beast:

or you may know her from that time you went barhopping with her and Bea Arthur:

But the final summation is that she’s rad.

Here’s Jimmy’s top 5 reasons to adore her:

1. She was Sybil Vane in the “Picture of Dorian Gray” (1944)

2. She had knee surgery in 2005 (that is weird Jimmy)

3. She’s British.

4. she looks good in this hat:

5. She’s very believable as a pot.



The Rivers

Due to the fact I tease Isabel a lot I would like to dedicate this non-tease inspired blog to her.

Today’s celebrity that we adore is Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

Some magical things to know about Rivers:

-he doesn’t like to eat chicken, he’s a vegetarian

-he does sometimes look just like Buddy Holly

-His name is precariously close to the theme park “Wild Rivers”

-he looks really slick in a sweater vest:

-he’s a troublemaker

– his Albums “Alone” and “Alone 2” are awesome 

– this video showing them covering MGMT and Lady Gaga!

yep. enjoy the magic