Drawing challenge #15


Today’s drawing challenge was to draw an infamous villain.
But I was having a really hard time thinking of a villain. The first villain I ever think of is the Shadow Man on the stranger danger sign. And according to me if you’re weird and creepy that is exactly how you should look.
But I didn’t want to draw something so creepy.
And them I remembered good old fashion comic books and so I went with a favorite villain… Catwoman. And not just any Catwoman, the super glamorous and incredibly gorgeous Julie Newmar.
And what is duplicity is she up to??? Turning little kitties to the dark side. And I know Elliott would become evil… if she fed him crunchy food.
So I should feed him before he tries to take over Gotham.


Batman from Accounting

There is a man on facebook who has started a petition to his wife to name his child Batman.

Some may think this is cruel… but think of the possibilities. Naming your child Batman could be the best thing you could do for him. He can wear a cape at all time with no explanation needed.

He could be a fire fighter or a ballerina, or any thing he darn well wants to be… we have an idea though:

The possibilities for his sweet awesomness could be endless

Think about it and join.