Professional Quote of the Day: August 23rd

Eric’s professionalism has grown in leaps and bounds. This is not surprising as we refer to him as the Most Treasured Professional in the San Gabriel Valley. But, now he’s even filled with professional thoughts on days when he’s taken the day off.

Today’s professional quote of the day illustrates this point:

Only Eric would think of professionalism at the beach!
In my opinion, this was worth the wait of the days when I had no quote to share!!!



This post is dedicated to the illest of Christine’s

When you recover from being illy may you have as much fun as this Colin Farrell on the beach with a wierd matress with baby toys on it (actually,  it looks like he has some extra room in the shade):

Thanks for being an awesome beach model Colin Farrell, we appreciate it.

The Beach is for frolicking

Sometimes its so warm that Eric has to get his beach on.

Sometimes he does this in the company of beautiful Oprah’s. But sometimes Oprah’s diva like requests get in the way. Like for example not touching sand:

Eric’s back hurt for 12 consecutive days… and he missed “Lady Fest 2009” because of this. And a note to Oprah sitting on this particular Eric is a little like that scene from Bruno….


Beach Ladies

Nothing says summer in California like the beach.

And the beach is always covered in the ladies…

so that means that the beach always has an Eric… right????

this is so not professional.