Archeology today

Today I had to measure a building that was once a church. Because everything is going to be demolished I decided to save this little paper bird I found… now she will live on my wall:

I am so thrilled she has a sky to fly in!

Also I stole a picture of an asian guy holding a drum… but that is for another occasion.

♫ Lauren

Le tweet

I have a new fancy desire to learn french so I can stop reading subtitles when I watch Frecnh films… also It would make traveling in Europe easier!

So far I can tell you hello, yes, good night
and “Ca ne fait rien!” which means “it doesn’t matter”… Yes, I am even indecisive in French… Also Le Tout Pour Le Tout.

I wish a little bird would teach me:


Not Chicken

I’ve been into drawing & cleaning up my drawings lately.

Today I share with you on this “Raditude” kind of day this very important doodle:


And it’s so true…

look outside 73% of those birds have never been  a chicken.