Birthday Flowers

I was going to post something that had to due with my never ending cavalcade of life failures. But after I had lunch with a friend I realized it really isn’t so bad. I wouldn’t be who I am without failures, and there was no way I wouldn’t have tried.

It’s just one of those things… that just didn’t work out for Ol’ Laurie Lue


Then this morning I heard it was one of my fashion icons/ cosmic twin’s birthday!!!

And I live for Birthday’s…

Especially… Brandon Flowers!!!

Not only is he the lead singer of the “Killers”… but he also has a penchant for the Cure and wearing fashion while carving out some melodies of his own that have a special place in my soul.

Happy Birthday Spaceman

He also reminds me that I really need to get a gold lame leopard print tuxedo… just for funsies.

Happy Wednesday good people of the internet,


Things That I broke: My Computer

Okay so someone out there gave my computer a horrible horrible virus. And my photoshop is not working. What that means is… I am stuck until my computer is fully healthy.
But next week there will be the return of the Isabel Stare-a-thon, and more doodles and professionals for all.
I will probably make another post today as it is my totally awesome 26th year on on this earth.

Please enjoy this picture of Julius Caesar until I get my stuff together:

Happy Birthday Christine & Isabel!

I’m a lucky girl because today is the communal birthday of two of the best people ever!!!

Happy Birthday Isabel & Christine!

I forget which one of you is older so I shall post both birthday wishes for both of you at once. With a slight birthday forecast:

Christine’s 25 birthday celebration will begin in Pasadena in the crisp cool morning, in the afternoon there is a 74% chance of it involving soda and dip mix. It will end with a drunken affair with her truest and most Canadian celebrity love….Dave Foley:

Isabel’s 25th birthday will involve sciency things as well as dodging a kitten. She will find herself in the afternoon searching for the perfect suit and scarf combination and will end her evening like this:

Happy Birthday Ladies!!!