Happy Birthday Christine & Isabel!

I’m a lucky girl because today is the communal birthday of two of the best people ever!!!

Happy Birthday Isabel & Christine!

I forget which one of you is older so I shall post both birthday wishes for both of you at once. With a slight birthday forecast:

Christine’s 25 birthday celebration will begin in Pasadena in the crisp cool morning, in the afternoon there is a 74% chance of it involving soda and dip mix. It will end with a drunken affair with her truest and most Canadian celebrity love….Dave Foley:

Isabel’s 25th birthday will involve sciency things as well as dodging a kitten. She will find herself in the afternoon searching for the perfect suit and scarf combination and will end her evening like this:

Happy Birthday Ladies!!!


The Mc Feel-its

Some people have been wondering what it would have been like if Isabel, Christine and I were in fact a 1960s girl group…

or maybe they haven’t…

but if we were this would be our story:

One of the most popular gospel bands of the 1960s… The McFeel-its.

This cheery threesome would traverse the United States and Canada spreading the word of Jesus with cheerful songs about the Lord and all his friends.  They were known to have large coifs in which they held all their worldly possessions. Sometimes they would have a bible, a deck of cards, harmonicas, and even a toaster located conveniently in their follicles. After all, they weren’t nuns :)

They became very famous in the New Brunswick region of Canada, where they set up a small theatre called “Mc Touch this Theatre”. There they performed all their hits including “Thar be My Jesus,” “The Lord’s Rap,” and “Holy Paradise” (which Coolio sampled for his song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’)  to sold out audiences. There performances were sold out for eight years straight, due to the fact there was little to do in New Brunswick.

In 1968 Christine McFeel-it left the group to create her own Religious  inspired sweatshirt line called “Lord Gear,” which was also very successful in New Brunswick

In 1973 the rest of the group disbanded due to neck injuries after packing their bouffants for a European tour, so they too returned to scenic New Brunswick. Where they later opened the “Immaculate Cafe & Grill”

Here is the album cover for their most critically acclaimed album…

oo ooo ooo ms feel this...

all their dreams are alive…


Things that I find odd: Ads

I have decided to celebrate this week to its fullest potential I will each and everyday make a post about things that are not so right in this world…

Welcome to International Things that I find odd week!



I have been being driven insane by these ads that seem to cater to all the information that I place into the internet. There are always the diet ads that plague both Isabel and I, we assume Facebook is not pleased with our physique. They usually boast some sort of celebrity or food.

BUT some of the ads that pop up are really quite… special.

Since I falsely boast an engagement with Nancy on Facebook, I get all sorts of wedding related articles such as photographers and places that want use to book our faux nuptials.

Of course the ads share with me such other necessities as “Wedding Restrooms” that need no description after you read the ad.

But thus far my favorite wedding related ads are “disposable wedding cameras”… can they only be used at weddings??? Really??? There is no other event they would sell them for? That seems like event racism to me.

My foremost favorite ad besides immigrating to Canada, has to be disposable flasks, because my hefty, engaged ass that loves Canada and 1980s related cinema is in desperate need to drink, and so much so that I need to have a personalized disposable flask.