Are they seriously going to laugh?

Another post about Carrie.

Jimmy & I are unsure if Carrie imagined the people in the gym laughing at her, or if it’s her crazy Jesus filled imagination… or is it because her dirty pillows are showing???

But seriously laughing at someone in pig blood will so  get you in trouble with Jesus… who doesn’t like nerds covered in pigs blood as a joke.

This time the doodle subject is me… because I don’t mind being the butt of the joke… why do doodles of me resemble Lisa Loeb?

♪And you say I only hear what I want to…♪   ♪    ♪


Jimmy’s Halloween Legacy

This edition of Jimmy doodles kicks us into the Halloween season!

Even though Jimmy’s house has been decorated since late August… this is Viciously Sweet’s parlay into the season.

Which is a totally rad season! And it is nothing without classic Halloween movies!!!! One of our favorites is “Carrie” which although has a terrifying Stephen King plot…. it’s kinda silly.

I mean pouring pig blood over a nerd with telekinesis… is not very nice (also this can be a very rare coincidence). But the real star of the movie is her mother who is both creepy & funny… oh the religious loonies.

enjoy Jimmy & “Carrie”:

Happy Halloween Time!

And remember in the words of Carrie’s mother “They’re all going to laugh at you”