The Cat Olympics

I think sometimes my cats are trying to get to the Olympics, and as cat owners know there are very few categories cats can participate in. The few tests of endurance made for felines are obviously: sleeping, eating, barfing grass, and pooping.

While Elliott has the silver medal in sleeping on my bed… I’m more concerned about the dreams of my little gray cat Rocket…

Here we are while he’s working on his digestion

Rocket goes to the bathroom with the sheer power of Thor. I’m really concerned how if I feed the pets the same amount of food how he can make so much poo. He is like the Carl Lewis of pooping animals. Sometimes I swear he goes to buffets while I’m at work all day… just to make sure that litter box is full by the time I get home…

So I drew a doodle about it, and because I’m more than a little weird I keyed it into the sweet 1985 musical hit by Eddie Murphy:

He potty’s all the time!


Mr. Kitty

Elliott was once the tiniest of mittens, and now he’s a big bootie kitten.

Here he is as a baby kitten… in a very fine sweater vest:


and here he is as a big man kitty:


and here’s his big bootie

He is almost 15 pounds and isn’t full size. I assume he’s going to be roughly this size at his full growth:


And Although I named him after Elliott Reid:

he reminds me more of farmer Ted aka Anthony Michael Hall:

There is a striking resemblance… except my cat is not friends with John Cusak.