Cat in a Window

I haven’t posted in a very long time.

I suppose its somewhere between being too busy to even check an email… But it’s for good reasons I promise.

Today I send a simple doodle with a simple start of the week wish:

I hope that all of you are as happy as a cat in the warmest sunniest window this week.



The Fire Escape

I got this amazing book this week.

It gives me fabulous prompts of things to draw. I really got it for hopes that it will make me a better artist… making me draw things I would never think of drawing.

One of the prompts was a fire escape:

It’s a sweet escape.

I got so excited about drawing such a simple thing that it made me realize that sometimes the suburbs are kind of boring to me.

I miss seeing things like fire escapes on buildings.

Windows high up in the air with flowers.

Cats looking down at you.

Street hot dogs.

Happy Thursday every one… I’m going to get a hand cramp from all my doodling :)