Have A Provocative Halloween Everyone

While you are all dressed up as a kinky cheerleader, or a sexy cookie monster… remember there is someone out there more provocative than you will ever be without trying… And she loves to shake it for Halloween:

My best suggestion is if she’s in the costume contest I wouldn’t make a bet that you could win against her…There is no one else in the world who could wear pumpkins like that.


Professional Quote of the Day: October 4th

The True Professional is back in town.
He swept in at promptly 8 am to make his professional work week debut this morning in rainy (and rainbow-y SGV)
Today’s Professional Quote of the day is one from the PQOTD Archives that has yet to be released

A quick and helpful note: some people’s Journey gets stuck on “Don’t Stop Believing”
But there are a lot of other great Journey songs… like “Open Arms”, “Lights”, “Wheel in the Sky…” or my sister’s favorite “Oh, Sherry.”
As for me and Cecelia, we like “Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin”… its more provocative.