The Beagle

I was thinking about my life before Elliott today… when I had a dog.

She was really cute. She liked to eat pepperoni and watch tv, she was the best thing ever.

And she lived in a little dog house that matched the playhouse I had when I was a kid.

I would tell you more about her… but she’s my answer to every password.


Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True

We all have trials and tribulations, some bigger than others.

Some that stay with us for our entire life, this doodle shares with you some of the hardships I faced as a child:

And for those who know about how much I like chicken, you can just imagine the heartache. But now that I make my own money, and am an adult, I can eat all the chicken that I need to get by (and, then some.)

For those of you unfamiliar with my love of chicken, here is a great example of my relationship with chicken:

Have a Happy Friday!

P.S. Also on a side note into my real life… Today my recently engaged sister purchased her wedding dress, and I got my bridesmaid dress. Chicken was had by all!

Also next week there will be so many more professional quotes!

All in Good Character: Elvira

Ooooh I am so excited to start this new theme.
And I’m currently sharing one of my favorite Halloween/ gothicy characters. Which I should have posted on Halloween….
When I was a kid I super adored her. I really wanted to have big hair, and wicked cool eyeliner like hers.

Elvira is awesome

I really loved her style

Her style is super awesome

I also liked her poodle

Her dog's hair was the best I've ever seen a poodle look

and that she was fixing up her inhereited haunted house.

What can I say? I was kind of a weird kid. But, I think this website shows that off nicely.
So here is my “all in good character” homage to Elvira.

doodle of the darkness


Isabel Stare-A-thon: the Curriculum

Do you ever worry about what children are being taught in school?

I was asking the neighborhood children what they learned about Isabel this month only to learn the school doesn’t teach the Isabel Stare-a-thon!

How can we have children become global citizens if schools aren’t even teaching about Isabel staring!

Tell all the schools in  your community: less math more Isabel.


She’s A Small Wonder

And she’ll fill your heart with joy!

I used to love this tv show…  Vicky was awesome. And easy to relate to due to the fact my mother dressed me like Small Wonder for most of my childhood. That girl who lived next door was creepy though… I still have nightmares about her. She even had creepy hair:

But now i am older and not full of pixie sticks and pop rock i realize having a little girl robot is grossly wrong…

but mostly because of moments like this:

 If I had a robot I would want one like this:

And then he could be smart assy and clean the dishes, and have a british accent.

And he’s so adorable.


Isabel and Clay: Origins

Many people around the globe have been intrigued with the connection between Isabel and Clay Aiken. Many have asked how long has this “connection” been going on?

The answer may shock and amaze you, as we share with you this awesome exclusive content from Isabel’s childhood.

As you can see from the photograph below Isabel and Clay have know eachother for years… they’re admiration has since grown in trifold!

Here is a photo of them as young tender friends celebrating weird basket day…


In fact Isabel’s own mother was not aware of the magnitude of dressing Isabel in this fine outfit. She just thought it was a clever catchphrase all the kids were into, she didn’t realize it was the start of an odd fascination that would stick with her first born forever.

Isabel and Clay a love that has lasted a lifetime… what a feel good story