Drawing Challenge day #22

Good Afternoon, or evening or whatever time it is…

Today is a glorious doodle challenge that is right in the ballpark of things I like. This ballpark is of course, draw a circus performer!

I chose the rare and lucrative hippopotamus and parasol act… which may not be real anywhere but my heart.

And I have such a work headache that I’m glad I’m not an engineer. Like why is there so many forms and calculations??? I just want to circus!



The Circus

Hi Everyone,

It’s Tuesday. My project is late, and of course the printer isn’t working.

There is are only 2 things I can do

1. Play Musical Printers and Try to get this drawing printed for my boss in the next 20 minutes.

2. Join the Circus

The silliest answer is the one I would most happily choose. Then people could discuss it when I don’t show up tomorrow. I can just imagine it….

Shocked Coworker #1: “Where is Lauren?”
Shocked Coworker #2: “She isn’t in? Did you wait longer for her to show up… she’s always late.”
Observant Coworker: “She left all her drawings, and the metal scale next to a strawberry stained note saying she’s left for the circus”
A hush spreads over the room.
Shocked Coworker #1: “She left food in the fridge. It’s mine.”

And then much like the conclusion to the tv series LOST, I will never be discussed again in the valleys of San Gabriel.

I will leave behind a hummingbird feeder, and assorted doodles of cats. I will take everything else… For my chic new gypsy wagon.

I would miss my big girl bed, and of course wi-fi. But I can always loiter at some circus adjacent starbucks after I master my new circus-y skill.

What would that skill be??? Well, I don’t really know. I don’t think I would trust me as a tightrope walker, or a juggler of swords. I could probably sit on an elephant like a champion. I am good at waving and climbing… so Elephant sitter on-er it is!

Let’s go with that thought… Lauren the Elephant Sitter. I would sell literally dozens of tickets.

Maybe I should stay with Architecture a little while longer.

Circus dreams

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope your printers are working with gusto.


Cotton Candy & Adrenaline

I could share with you how I’ve been really cranky. Or how I feel super anxious. Or how I feel utterly stuck in the San Gabriel Valley. But I’m over it, I’m not doing myself any good feeling sorry for myself.

However when I was feeling down I drew this:

And I think that being in a circus could be exciting. I have a feeling I would get a lot more exercise in a circus… versus being in a cubicle 8 hours a day. I could wear really fun outfits… I could guess people’s weight. Possibly jump through actual hoops. I could learn to throw knives, and even walk a tightrope… (which I technically do in an office setting all day anyways… just in a Circus, I think it’s more literal.) Professional Eric does not approve of my circus dream. I think this is because it does not involve computers or mass emails…

I just realized I’m not really good at being down for long. Next time I’m feeling kind of bummed I’m just going to think of riding an elephant in a bedazzled outfit,  while eating cotton candy… or listen to the Cure.