Isabel and Clay in Wonderland

There is no better way to spend a summer day than lounging at the wonderful Disneyland resort.

While everybody else is doing their 9-5, i.e. drawing buildings and selling dip (not pronounced Depp) Isabel and Clay frolic about the most Orange of counties playing about with large whimsical cups.

*Also is Isabel wearing the blue heart jewel from Titanic? I didn’t realize they had gotten to that stage in their relationship.

**Good Luck on your presentation Isabel


Isabel’s Big Adventure

Today Isabel says she’s learning.

However,as you can see here if hanging out with Clay Aiken was a major, she’d be on the honor roll:

I have no clue who the other people in this picture are… but I’m betting they work at her “lab.”

As you can see their experiment is how radiant Clay Aiken is in the sun, they will measure this in centijoules (Isabel’s favorite quantatative measurement)

Happy Sciencing to you :)


Some Enchanted Evening

After a magically aquatic afternoon at Sea World, Isabel hits the town with Clay Aiken and new bff Rosie O’Donnell… we’re told that they watched the “Mother Goose Puppet Show” in Balboa Park…

They reportedly spent their evening on the carousel at fisherman’s wharf and then bought shirts that had the followin image on it:



Things that are Fancy: Phone Edition

Are you searching for a new phone that can make all your dreams come true?

That will call people on their birthday with an automated message from you?

And also makes criss cross potatoes?

Well that doesn’t exist yet, but t-mobile’s more than snazzy “my touch” will let you create your own case for you phone and i have a few suggestions:

Would you like to treasure a Harpo phone production try an “Eric and Oprah” cover:

Or maybe celebrate the love of Clay and Isabel?

The possibilites are really endless. 


Top 5 Clay’s

5. Polymer Clay

I believe the world will never be the same because of polymer clay. You can make into everything… from people to fruit, or even clay


4. Jars of Clay

Um I don’t really listen to them.. but they have a greatest hits so… that must mean they are RAD!!!

3. Henry Clay

Slick founder of the Whig Party, as well as secretary of State. He was known as the “Great Pacifier” and “The Great Compromiser”… which is pretty freaking great. He was in a close tie with our # 2 spot… but unfortunately his last name is clay… not his first, so #3 is his spot

2. Clay

A natural material that is awesome. This was a really hard one to pick…

1.Clay Aiken

Like Anyone else could be at the top of this list????

 honorable mention: Andrew Dice Clay- who I don’t like so he’s not on this list.



Wandering Eyes

This may come as a shock especially after the John and Kate cheating accusations… Does Clay have eyes for another Isabel???

In this photo given by Eric’s camp… you can see Clay with Australian actress Isabel Lucas. The shock and the dissapointment are nearly endless.

Just because she had finals gives you no excuse Clay


Take it to the Chorus w/ Clay

Isabel and Clay are trying to make a comeback…

They say there is too much Eric up in their space… and too many ladies. (Which Clay can totally understand.)

So today Clay and Isabel took time our of their hectic lives to release this statement …”Boy, I hope that guy’s not planning to kill her and eat her,” but it may not have been about this topic, unless they were thinking about Eric’s syrup problem.

Defending their title of Viciously Sweet’s couple of the year is getting tight since we heard that Lindsay is upping her anty. And may exclusively be back to the gents.


proving all is fair in love and war