A visual study of Amber’s Headache

So Amber has a headache today. And she told me that it was killing her brain.

After instructing her to make her pain into glorious art she handed me this glorious friend:

“Headache” by Amber-guesa


Enjoy it and savor the fact your head has no red lightning bolts attacking it today. Also, Amber does not believe she is an artist…. But I believe she is a very good one!!!


p.s. my favorite part is that she is naked, in her drawing and while she answers phones.

Silver and Gold

Today I’m going to keep my words short and hopefully my doodle will be more poignant, I just wanted to take the time to say that I totally value all of my friends and thanks them for being amazing!

Whether I know you in real face to face life, or just internet life this doodley doodle is totally for you-dle:

Happy Freaking Tuesday!!!


I ♥ Community

It’s a really funny show. A show that I like to watch.

Starring Joel Mc Hale, of “the Soup” Fame:

Here is a clip of him playing strip billards with Shawn’s Dad from Boy Meets World.

Also on a similar note I took a personality test based off the characters and got Annie. Which is really not all together suprising. She is kind of like a young (still sweatered) Emma from “glee”.

Get your Professor Chang on and find out which character you’re most like…