Hot Dog: a Summer Mystery

Okay yeah I know this is a weird postie.

But here I will reveal some inner truths about myself. As most people know I’m an avid chicken fan, and fan of Dr. Pepper…

But I will tell you what I am not a fan of… a nasty summer treat we call… Hot Dogs. Sorry Oscar Mayer you may want to turn away.

Now, I don’t mind the occasional delicious hot dog. Seriously but I’m not going to munch away on anything that looks like this:


Seriously. And I totally like crispy burnt food. But not meat rods that had been severely toasted, never going to eat it.

 And for easy reference on how much hot dogs gross me out… Isabel this is on par with sticky floors…

I don’t dislike every type of hot dog, for example I do share different feelings about corn dogs… ESPECIALLY WITH MUSTARD:

remember this at times when you barbeque… do you always have more hot dogs left over than hamburgers… there is a reason.