Cotton Candy & Adrenaline

I could share with you how I’ve been really cranky. Or how I feel super anxious. Or how I feel utterly stuck in the San Gabriel Valley. But I’m over it, I’m not doing myself any good feeling sorry for myself.

However when I was feeling down I drew this:

And I think that being in a circus could be exciting. I have a feeling I would get a lot more exercise in a circus… versus being in a cubicle 8 hours a day. I could wear really fun outfits… I could guess people’s weight. Possibly jump through actual hoops. I could learn to throw knives, and even walk a tightrope… (which I technically do in an office setting all day anyways… just in a Circus, I think it’s more literal.) Professional Eric does not approve of my circus dream. I think this is because it does not involve computers or mass emails…

I just realized I’m not really good at being down for long. Next time I’m feeling kind of bummed I’m just going to think of riding an elephant in a bedazzled outfit,  while eating cotton candy… or listen to the Cure.