Everybody Dance Now!

I have been on an exercising kick lately.

And you would think that would mean I’m literally melting off the pounds…

Well no, not exactly. I feel hungrier than a linebacker on their way to the Super Bowl as a side effect.

But that is not what I want to focus on here. This is where I admit I had a soda and a hostess cupcake for lunch, but seriously all the sugar that’s been around me I feel like it is literally in the air whispering my name… and who am I to deny how much sugar wants to be eaten?

I will certainly not be the girl who denies sugar.

Oh wait- – –

I was talking about my attempts of being more active.

I, as you all know, am not athletic.

Like basically any sport you can think of that has coordination as a part of it… is something I simply will not be good at. Just ask all the guys who have tried to teach me to golf, or play basketball. At least they have fun admitting I will never learn, but am a tenacious trier.

One thing I have discovered that I’m not so bad at is… dance. On my quest of exercise I’ve been spending a lot of my non-studying time in the world of belly-dance. It’s an amazing art form. So much hip shaking and sparkles. And when I’m not reading about sustainable this and that’s for the test I have in a month… I’ve been dancing. (This is actually why I’ve had very little doodles to share, sorry about that Internet.)

On Friday there was a performance with some of the girls I dance with. It was so fun and sparkly and beautiful. It was my first belly-dancing event and I even left the show so swathed in the scent of incense that I thought the Pope was going to bless people with me.

I was inspired to actually doodle some business, and rather than focusing on how I smelled like a Palm Sunday mass… I thought of a simple fun doodle:

I wish I was dancing right now!

I wish I was dancing right now and not sitting at work…

It’s that time of year when I have very little desire to be here in general. I think it’s because I know that none of these people like each other*… and that I still have 48 hours of vacation that I haven’t taken this year!

I’m going to remedy that next week by running away.

And on vacation I’m going to dance, doodle and very much not work.

Happy Monday!


*I’m still trying to figure out if this is an exaggeration… But at the very least there are office mean girls (and they are not girls)

Oh my…The Scandal

How can anyone believe all is well in the world of Eric and Oprah when photos keep showing up of Eric and all the ladies???

We don’t believe she lost her balance and you were helping her up, and we also don’t believe she lost her contact and you were just helping her optical hapiness …

I mean come on you guys are matching… and dancing the mash potato. I think all this not eating is getting to him. And this trendy Oprah inspired diet… may be driving him mad…