That’s What Friends Are For

My day has not been all thumbs up, and happy bird drawings today.

And that’s okay, I guess…

But when I find myself a little bit down and find the projects I’ve been working on for months in shambles… I like to take a moment to draw my b.f.f. Christine in a large pile of dip.

Mucho Guacamole dip to be exact:

Yep this is what I do to relax… draw my friends in piles of food. Which is a completely casual fun way to pass your day. Someday I hope to convince Christine to let me make new packages for her dip mixes .. until then it will just become an obsessive hobby that I will try to convince others to join in…

So take some time, and draw someone you adore  in  a big ole pile of dip.


P to the S: Did you notice my not so hidden advertisement for MPK Foods? You should totally buy MPK Food’s Mucho Guacamole Dip! It’s the dip mix of Champions and is 100% Lauren and Christine approved.

They call her “Jazz Hands Keelin”

Christine, princess of dip, Tsar of Mucho Guacamole and Grand Benevolent Ruler of fried zucchini batter has not always wanted to accept her delicious role in life… In an alternate universe Christine would have followed her love for pristine white gloves and fedoras and become the most supreme modern-tap-artist, adored by tweens worldwide. She would have a sponsorship paid for by the big Suspender companies, she would have the taps shoes of a God…
And this is what it would have looked like:

Happy Friday!