Target Audience

Do you ever wonder who some products are made for…I mean there is some weird ass stuff out there.

I always wonder am I their audience? Should I buy that portable rotisserie???

Well Let me pitch you an idea of my own:

Have you ever been in a situation where you have grown tired of the look of eggs?

Have you ever said well I eat 5 dozen eggs a day and I am so tired of their boring oval-y shape?

Well Complain no more…

Now you can square your eggs! With the EGG CUBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now our intended audience can have square eggs!

Who is our inteded audience you may ask?

Learning with Jimmy: Chicken

Today’s learning with Jimmy introduces you to Chicken, the wonder bird.

Chickens are wonderful for many reasons, count them with Jimmy!

1. They Make Beautiful Art

2. Eggs are full of deliciousness, and sometimes chickens

3. they are not ducks

4. They make great pets

5. They are sometimes made of pipe cleaner:

6. They are more patriotic than turkeys…

7. They have beautiful houses

8. Lauren likes to draw them:

9. They stand up for what we believe in

10. They are delicious in original recipe

Jimmy’s conclusion: thank you chickens!