Things for All the Time: Elvira Outfit

Now this is really not a shocking story to add to the “Things for all the Time” cannon.
But when I was a kid in the bustling neon world of the 1980s I was totally enthralled with Elvira.

Like, I wanted to be her when I grew up. The thought of having huge hair, fun make-up, that poodle with a mohawk, was one of the most thrilling possibilities I could come up with.

And plus she gets to make fun of herself for a living, and watch awesome movies.

For a mere $40 Halloween Town wants to help make my Mistress of the Dark realities a real thing.
And not just for Halloween:

Just imagine sitting behind me in a movie theater with that hair.

All in Good Character: Elvira

Ooooh I am so excited to start this new theme.
And I’m currently sharing one of my favorite Halloween/ gothicy characters. Which I should have posted on Halloween….
When I was a kid I super adored her. I really wanted to have big hair, and wicked cool eyeliner like hers.

Elvira is awesome

I really loved her style

Her style is super awesome

I also liked her poodle

Her dog's hair was the best I've ever seen a poodle look

and that she was fixing up her inhereited haunted house.

What can I say? I was kind of a weird kid. But, I think this website shows that off nicely.
So here is my “all in good character” homage to Elvira.

doodle of the darkness