Just give him a once over

I have not a lot going on today.

I’m at work, planning what I’m doing with the rest of my today. Dare I say go out to eat… do my nails… and watch TV?

Should I skip TV and just exercise?

Okay so none of these thoughts have anything to do with today’s doodle. Today’s doodle just showed up because I let my mind wander:

He just likes the attention.

Happy Thursday everybody!



Get into My Exercise Groove…

I am a little late on a doodle for today… But don’t worry, its still good!

Today’s doodle was created because work buddy Amber asked about my weekend. And since I really didn’t do much except study for my Architectural exams and watch the “Wedding Singer” and “Some Like it Hot”… I figured I just may be too boring a gal in the last few days to get a doodle out of it…

And then I remembered my exercise this weekend, to some of the most fun 1980s music that has ever been created. And how when a certain song came on my play list I could hear my neighbor laughing:

When I'm exercising you can call me Sweaty, and Sweaty when you call me... you can call me Al.

I was jump-roping to it… Adults do that right? Well, this one does.

And just in case you forgot the song… pull out your jump-rope and get ready: