Drawing Challenge Day #17

I have been such a mess as of late that I haven’t had the chance to post my drawing postie from yesterday.

So… the prompt was to draw a fairy tale character.

And i was sitting with a blanket on watching dvr’d Agnet Carter episodes from this week and I was like hmm what should I draw.

And then Elliott jumped on me, and I was like… I got this!

And so I drew possibly the worst fairy of all time:

Imagine if cats granted magical wishes…? I think the whole world would be cat crunches and string


Fairy Tales

Okay, I am aware that I am a grown up.

But isn’t the idea of something magical just kind nice? When do we decide that we’re too cool to smile at a big lollipop, or for spinning around in an a-line dress, or even just eating a really good cookie with a chilled glass of milk. I think that we all deserve a chance to enjoy something for no particular reason, or with no explanation.

And no one should make you feel weird for it.

Today I saw my coworker had this game and the name of his city in the game was “Etopia.” What a serious name! It’s a city you are playing with in a game… it can be named anything!!!

He told me, “I’m sorry its not Pegasus-rainbow-flower-anthia.”

Now this could have been not nice, in fact it is a kinda a backhanded compliment.

But this comment only made me happy… I mean isn’t it good that he thinks of flowers and rainbows and fictional flying creatures in association with me. Anyways, quickly–I will add here that I still don’t like knowing how magic tricks are done… and try to forget about “reality” when I see them. I mean, if it’s a fantasy why not just get caught up in it?

And now onto the sketchy part… simply I dedicate this drawing to all the people I know (in real and online) who make me happy. Regardless of any bad times, when I’m really in  a happy moment:

And I thank you so so much for it!


My kingdom for a Pizza

This is kind of a new Installment of Storytime with Lauren.
Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted food at Disneyland.
Remember when I was up in arms about fried chicken?
Well it’s happened again. After the terrible loss of fried chicken, I have moved my desired Disney food to the pizza realm.
Pizza from its german/pinnochio themed experience:

Because not only does it have pizza but it plays yodeling music, which is awesome to eat pizza to. It makes you want to slap on some lederhosen, and craft a child our of wood.

Well when I got to the old Village Haus. I was surprised as hell to see that it was boarded up and closed.

The sign said “If you want to enjoy pizza go to the Rocket Port.” Being that Rocket port pizza is nasty and by the slice I said “Let’s just go to the by the slice place in California adventure.”

This is how far I had to go to get this:

And when I got there… the Restaurant was torn down. No pizza for anyone. Sometimes Disney stories have awful endings….