A little something for Thursday

I haven’t much to write today I’m kind of brain dead at work. The only thing I’m useful for today is singing WHAM! songs to people on the phone:

Me at work right now. (Image Courtesy of: http://fyeahmindyproject.tumblr.com/)

And I have no context for the following doodle except that it is very true:

I want this dress so bad… unfortunately I don’t have Salma Hayek-like connections.

I really wish I was dressed up more right now… except I thought it was going to rain so I wore pants instead of a really cute dress. I was told by someone who went outside that it did rain, and not to feel sad about my pants wearing day. But somehow I feel like I missed an opportunity to wear a dress big-time today.

I hope someone out there is living the dream for me.

Also this dress is hyper real and I would like it to wear to the grocery store and such.

And one more thing this silly little drawing is for people who thought yesterday’s post got a little too serious :)


Fashion Advice from Lauren

I totally promised that I would post a doodle tonight. And I will follow through.

I really have so much going on that taking a moment for a doodle was the best thing I have done this week. And if there is anything that I super care about besides doodles, Christmas, and boats and stuff… is fashion. I consider myself to be a pretty fashionable girl. Well I have personal style… Because most people don’t consider fashion being in your 20s and trying to dress like some That Girl, Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island hybrid. I have always followed the creed of Madonna and express myself with my funky fresh threads and curly hair, so although I may not always be in fashion… I feel like a totally rad, really short, super model.

And just because I like the way I dress. I wouldn’t tell anyone to not wear something they love if they feel that it expresses their inner being. You want to wear that yellow leisure suit, go for it banana brother. You want to have permed bangs, rock them Lunch Lady Awesome. You want to dress like a 16th century nobleman, Feudalize yourself freaky dude. You rock your look until the sun comes up. There is just one thing  I ask in this world full of tie dye stretch pants to never ever wear:


They may hold your wallet and sunblock, and collection of shrinky dinks. But they make your junk sad.