The Bird and the Fish

Somewhere being obsessed with the ocean and watching a lot of movies… I made this little doodle:

a bird may love a fish, but where would they live?

I can actually say I have felt like a bird that fell in love with a fish at some point in my life. And well, we never figured it out.. so I fly, and he swims and we don’t ever ever cross paths.

I don’t know if it ever could have worked. And I guess since the sky is full of opportunities there is no real reason to think about it.

But I’d like to imagine the fish and the bird in the doodle can totally figure it out. Don’t you?

And where does this phrase come from? Does it show up in more than “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Ever After”?


Happy Mothers Day!

I hope everyone out there took a minute or 2 to think about how great mom’s are.

And here’s a little doodle to go along with that sentiment!

Happy Sunday to everyone, boy do I wish the weekend was longer.


A lenten present

In this time of sacrifice and elightenment (and no meat) I give to you my newest (and closest to my heart) doodle:

Also there are 48 days of lent this year… so, yeah. Good luck with all of that.