Sleeping with the fishies

Happy Saturday everybody!

I wasn’t going to post today but… I haven’t been posting all that much lately. And I actually got some time to draw today, and I’m just so happy I had to share it.

My sister-in-law asked me to draw the sad tale of her beta fish Guido and his unfortunate run in with the Goldfish Mafia of Missoula Montana.

It appears Mr. Guido was 86’ed by the golden scaled crime lords… and she just wanted to share the story in graphic form.

Gangster fishes! I have had a few goldfishes in my lifetime and I can tell you they are very much exactly like this. When we cleaned out their tank there were just tons of mini aquatic weapons…

And, even though my scanner is a bit on the fritz, I used my fabulous new notebook that I got from a fellow blogger Edwin at the Awkward List.

I’m in love with this notebooks that you can get at emnote!


A lenten present

In this time of sacrifice and elightenment (and no meat) I give to you my newest (and closest to my heart) doodle:

Also there are 48 days of lent this year… so, yeah. Good luck with all of that.