Happy Birthday America


I had enough time to draw 2 things this week


This one was inspired by the fact that anytime we hang a flag Elliott thinks it’s his duty to attack it.

He has been staring at the American Flag all afternoon.

And he really looks confident this year.



I would personally like to say the following 2 things

1. I love patriotic Holidays.

2. I like days when I’m not so preoccupied with work, and tired from all the chaos that is contained in one office building that I get to draw.

This doesn’t happen very often nowadays.

So let’s get into this drawing. I won’t say anything sarcastic about the US, because it’s pretty cool and if it wasn’t for like 15,000 different cultures coming here to exist…. I know I certainly wouldn’t.

So Happy Birthday America, and for the next 48 hours everything will be fireworks, red white & blue, powdered wigs, and Alexander Hamilton look-a-like contests.

Also not having to go to work and getting to draw is so amazing that it hurts!



Happy Fourth of July!

On this day a boatload of years ago (233 to be exact), we said we didn’t like England. And we became our own country… it was really awesome.

Because Abraham Lincoln was our president:



the Secret Garden

Everybody in the garden gets flowers… in the secret garden.

Isabel and Clay are seen here making plans for the most patriotic of celebrations. I hear there will be sparklers and barbeque… I’m so there.

Also Isabel… I’m loving that chaleco!