Professional Quote of the Day: October 13th

The time has come to get your PQOTD on!

Professionals don’t need a play by-play. They are looking at the future. They are strategizing for possible outcomes. They are making excel spreadsheets based on 7 years in the future.

In short a true professional has already thought all the things you have already thought and all the things you eventually will.

Let’s tie that in with a Professional Quote of the Day:

In fact, Eric’s thinking ahead is landing his thoughts in the summer of 2022.
He’s so got a pie chart brewing in his heart for that.


Meet Me in Outer Space…

I was watching the Discovery Channels documentary on the universe. Which I found really interesting, because spacey things are interesting. And I realized that unlike many other children, I’ve never dreamed of being an astronaut.

But, I’ve always liked futuristic things.

Like the house of the future:

This Incubus song:

This Battlestar Galactica:

This futuristic family:

Buckminster Fuller:

Life on Mars:

But I discovered the real reason I’m not currently floating in the cosmos:

Totally Lame.


Isabel and Clay: the Future

Do you ever wonder what the future will bring to you??

A pony? A car? Children? A monster truck?

How about LOVE?

Now as you may know Isabel is currently in school but sometimes she daydreams about her future… and so in honor of Summer Loving which is just around the corner i give you one of Isabel’s daydreams.

While Isabel and Clay Aiken have been a hot internet item since he may his music debut on American Idol, as seen through many photos on this site Isabel has always wanted more.

heres an example of their early love.
here's an example of their early love.

like marriage…. Even if it can only happen in photoshop:

A little known fact Isabel has always wanted a renaissance inspired wedding :)
A little known fact Isabel has always wanted a renaissance inspired wedding :)

and then much like many girls Isabel has always wanted children and here she is with her first and most beloved… Manchild Guy Aiken.

So it may never really happen but a girl can dream can’t she.  And since we’re BFFF’s I’m so happy that I can help  you visualize your future :)