Throne Games

Does anybody out there watch Game of Thrones?

I know that is a silly question because… it so popular it has a monopoly theme version!

My friend Connie who is a big fan asked me to make her a doodle of Jon Snow from the show so she could make it into a shirt.

And here I will admit, that I don’t watch the show… but when I saw this guy when figuring out what to draw… I was like, I could see why people really like this show…

Kit Harington is really dreamy.

And if it’s all him and Peter Dinklage… I could see everyone liking it.

Maybe I should give it a good binge watching.


Professional Quote of the Day: Aug 4th

Today’s Professional Quote of the Day mixes the world of the professional and the supernatural… this obviously creates a SUPERNATURAL PROFESSIONAL.

But even a ghostly professional has to keep office hours.

His email would be, which is like the hotmail of the ghost world.