My Imagination is Hooked on Isabel

I think if anyone could be slightly weirded out by a post title, it could be Isabel… and she’d be absolutely right about it! Like seriously I have been doodling people like crazy mad as of late. Let me hint (great Halloween costume ideas may be coming soon.)

Anyway I’m getting a little off subject. Here’s Isabel and a goat:

Happy Thursday everyone, I’m going to go eat some chicken!


p.s. Eric is not cooperating with the Professional Quote of the Day… so there may be not new quote another until next week!

Dress Me Up in Pictures

Jimmy has already made me go see halloween decorations.

And since it is still August, and this is completely logical. I begin this Halloween season with things that Jimmy should dress as:

1. A goat herder

2. A goat

image from:

3. Allspice

4.  Waldo… of “where is waldo”fame

omg... I think that could really be him...

5. Alex Trebek

Host of Jeopardy!

6. A mountie of protecting Canada fame

Canadian both Day and Night

7. Regis Philbin

Geriatric Magic!

8. Toast

9. Bert from Mary Poppins

Poppin fresh!

10.  Or my personal fav. Kenneth the NBC page.

Did you notice this wasn’t really helpful at all?

Yep. My job is complete.