Rock & Roll

There are always those songs that bring a smile to your face no matter what is going on… or how old you’ve gotten.

I always remember the first time I heard the Velvet Underground.

I was 15, and this really cool boy with the perfect blue hair made me a mixtape, that was just the right amount of suburban rebellion. And it had this song on it… it sounded nothing like the N*SYNC and Britney Spears on the radio… it was completely different.

It sounded like… joy.

And I never looked back, I searched for my own sounds, found my own soundtracks.

I played that CD until it skipped in like 3 different parts and later succumbed to the heart-breaking ending of melting in my car. #livingincaliforniaproblems.


and you can listen to the song here:

I should go to sleep.


Happy Birthday to Tony 2014

Today is my brother’s birthday and he’s very far away from me in actual miles.

So you know that there will be doodles.

I was supposed to send him something…. but I just can’t remember what it was

Was it a:

No… I don’t really see you wearing a tote in the arctic…

How about a:

But I don’t see how you could use a vote… I mean you’re not running for office. And I don’t think you have entered the Voice this year.

How about a:

It seems fun, but it could be dangerous…

How about a:

You could use it… But I don’t have the cash for that right now… give me a week or a few years.

I know what I’m supposed to send you!!!! I think it was a:

No, that seems like more work than the kiddos.

How about a:

That’s not quite right…

It should be more like this:


I hope you have the best birthday with the girls! I hope it’s fun and magical… and full of good eats and treats.

In fact let’s toast to it!


Look on the Rainbow Brite side of Life

I wanted to thank all of you who voted for Veronica and my kitty creation. We made it to the top 25 of the competition out of 198.

We consider this a victory.

And I consider it like a “Silver Lining’s Playlist” kind of victory! Like I was jumping around the house looking like this:

I basically told everyone I know I was a very successful non-winner. (Courtesy of: Tumblr)

It was our first try after all and to get that far just seemed like a dream. So seriously, thanks for even reading the blog!


And now on to a doodle… today is kinda grey here and well I’m feeling like such a winner it’s can’t even stop the sunbeams from following me.

So I made this to express my feelings about how happy I am:

Just rainbow it!


I hope that your day is a little magical. Because I’m still jumping up and down here.



What am I doing?

The answer is drawing cats and constellations. I am currently working on a project with a lovely friend who is a wonderful artist herself.

Soon I will have a whole picture to this until then enjoy this rough draft I sent her to make her laugh:

Meow astrology cats to come!


My Hair is the Worst Week: Expansion Pack

As promised here is part 2.

True story, when I get out of the shower it’s a countdown to an afro that could outshine 1980’s Whitney Houston…. But the only person I want to dance with is someone with a hair tie.

When my hair is in such an uproar being around me is dangerous.

If you are in a 5′ range you could end up with hair in your mouth or eye.

You could be infringed from watching television if seated behind me.

You could be filled with memories of the 1980s and perhaps wonder when Chaka Kahn is releasing her latest album.

Or you could also be inspired to plant a hedge in front of your house,

All of these things have really happened.


Sunshine, Bathrooms and Forever

I was debating on posting this… so I just bit the bullet and posted it anyways.

It isn’t any secret… I’m in my second week of being jobless.

Starting 2014 with nothing to do in the hours that I usually have filled with drawing weird details and drawings of fireplaces is kinda strange. Did you know that there is sunshine during those hours? Did you know that you can help and visit with a lot of people during these hours? Did you know you can exercise during those hours? And climb rocks and figure out what exactly you can be?  Being jobless for the first time since I was 17 is surreal to say the least, and I have of course been focused on finding it’s silver lining.

Honest to goodness I can say that I think watching “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” two days before I was unemployed was exactly what I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Now I’m not suggesting this is a movie for everyone to see, because I’m known to oversell things I like. And, I don’t know many people personally who can benefit from it’s message, unless they are willing to reflect on their own experiences with honesty and candor… But, I can say that for me, this movie was life changing. I haven’t found a person in actual life who could tell me more about what is about to happen in mine. Walter, to me was more than a fictional character who’s has an incredible imagination, and is charmingly awkward. His years of making others thoughts and rough work into beautiful printed completion was never truly appreciated for what it was, but he did it sometimes with glee sometimes with just need to get it done. I’m not saying that is word for word my existence. But I like that Walter was so dedicated to a job that he knew was going to be lost, and who can really appreciate that?

Well, Walter did. And I thank him for it.

Actually… my  work isn’t about reviewing movies… So, I need to move on.

I’m not going to focus on any of the past but I will say this with some joy…  I no longer have people asking how long my Doctor’s appointments should last– I no longer have anyone guilting me into not getting  annual check ups, or counting how many times I have gone to the bathroom. That I will simply not miss.

However working with a team you trust, is kind of amazing, I will never forget it or them. Those people know who they are.

But life moves on.

And then you watch Meg Ryan movies as you fill out job applications. Because she is a kindred spirit, like Drew Barrymore and Tina Fey. And then you notice things in movies you’ve seen a million times but never thought of before:

Don't you ever get nervous about forever?
I think Meg Ryan character’s must be the wisest of all characters :) And I made this on scratch paper with markers I found during “Sleepless in Seattle.”

And this time I thought about it… Why yes I do. FOREVER.  It’s natural, it’s infinite and at times it’s terrifying.

But when you have hope and goals maybe it isn’t so bad.  I hope to do something brilliant with my forever. And I’m working on it right now.


Thanksgiving niceties

I know I’m usually not the biggest Thanksgiving supporter… (Mostly because I think the decorations are boring.)

But today I’m going to say thanks to all the wonderful people who read this blog and like to eat turkey.

Eat some turkey today wherever you are and just enjoy the company of those around you!

Even if you aren’t in America… I implore you to eat some turkey today.

And buy something for yourself online on Monday.


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Circle of Stare

Happy Friday to tall those crazy starers out there!
On this Edition of the Isabel Stare-a-thon we see that a heavenly apparition has appeared in a really non human occupied area in somewhere in Africa…

Thank goodness Gazelle’s are very technology savvy and always have their smartphones at the ready:

Happy Staring.

Maybe a doodle later today….


The 28th

I turned 28 this weekend! And I dreamed it had many more elephants than it actually did!

I never really think the new year starts when January first comes around.

In fact I’m not really into New Years Resolutions in the typical sense.

I like to start them on my birthday because I feel that is the best time when I can set my goals and just see where I am the next year.

And then New Year’s is much less pressure… And it is just for wearing weird eyeglasses and drinking…. just like the Lord intended!

So let’s recap some of the things.

Things that I learned at 27:

That people from high school forget most things about you in 10 years and have created stories that are practically legends. Someone told me they remember me being banned from several Los Angeles hot spots and also having VIP parties at school. Which is totally untrue because I don’t believe in exclusivity– the parties were never exclusive.

Being really cheerful can get people to be really excited to see you. This weekend I went to a store I visit quite often and the workers sang me happy birthday.

Friends are really amazing. Thank your friends for being amazing if you read this. My friends were so sweet this weekend, but they are wonderful all the time so *hair flip* nothing is new about that.

For fabulous traveling hair wear a wig! I haven’t done it but it’s a great idea (thanks Cakes!):

Make sure the parking lot you park your car in is not locked at a certain time at night… and if so pray that the person you are with is a welder.

If something seems to good to be true… it probably is.

Only you can prevent forest fires make yourself happy. If you are depending on other people for this… you are going to have a bad time.

Ben Affleck may be an okay Batman, we should give him a chance.

Never write people notes on their car when you have drank too much.

Don’t waste your time with people who make you unhappy… instead spend time with the people who make you smile.

Always do your best even if you aren’t going to be noticed for it.

“Fenestration” means having windows… but it’s a horrid sounding word.

Bellydancing is probably the most fun I think I have had in a really long time, and it’s the best way to get rid of the stress of having to learn words like “fenestration.”

Also my coworkers think bellydancing is stripping… it is actually super not.

Things I will do next year:

I’m going to buy that ukulele in Hawaii this year, and by this time next year I will be serenading people with it!

I am going to take my Licensing tests…  I already have a date set. This time it’s happening

I’m going to learn how to do my hair… I mean having messy bed hair is in now, but eventually I’m not always going to be able to get away with my charming hippy look. And some events need more than 1940s hot roller hair.

I will just keep on keeping on being comfortable with myself. It’s really just an amazing thing to be comfy and not so serious to think you can’t make fun of yourself.


I will lessen my gossiping. I heard some people gossiping a few weeks ago like serious, and all I could think is “I’m too old for this.”

I’m also going to travel more next year… I haven’t been anywhere in so long I feel actual wanderlust. BTW that means you Washington State ;)

Cheers to 28 and the next 365 days!

And thanks to everyone who comes here to see the doodles, and read my weird words… You are truly:

Image courtesy of Tumblr!