About your rendering

Eric’s rendering was at first a little scary….. so I took it to the dark side…

Here is my version of Resident Evil…. greetings stranger:

Here is Darth Vader at his day job…. greeting students “Bathrooms are to the left”:

Here is Halo 3…. Level: Chapman, Game: Capture the red light :

And because it’s been like 15 minutes since I’ve mentioned her… Lady Gaga (today’s lady of choice) planning her love games:



The Sneak Attack

Ladies Beware!

Eric can approach at any minute… because he’s wicked stealthy. Which he totally learned from Halo.

Then he might play poker with you or take you across the street (even if you don’t want to go there!) Beware of Sneaky Eric’s they’re just as tricky as hitchhiking ghosts

This was a Paid advertisement from the League of Ladies.